Live Rat Falls From Ceiling In Chicken Wings Restaurant.

Alisha Norman was sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in LA, California when she suddenly heard the rodent drop from the ceiling. Posting photos of the scene to Facebook, she wrote: "So what do you do when a rat falls from the ceiling onto your table... Really LA? I was just trying to watch the soccer game."Many of Alisha's fellow Facebookers commented to express their disgust, with many saying they'd have instantly walked out. One person wrote: "I. Would. Have. Died."Someone else said: "Oh my god. I can't even."Another added: "I'd be out the door as fast as I could go!"While a fourth wrote: "I'd be out! Maybe the only time I walk out on a bill!"However, Alisha chose to stick around, explaining in a reply in the comments thread: "I'm a science teacher and went to nursing school, I've seen worse... but I got to see how they handle this bill."
In another reply, she lamented: "You really can't make this just can't."
Alisha, who is originally from Houston, Texas, was on holiday in LA ahead of her 43rdbirthday this weekend and was at the restaurant to watch the US take on Sweden in a Women's World Cup group stage match. After she asked to speak to a manager, she was told the rat - which was still alive but injured after its mighty fall had come 'from the construction up above'.The manager apparently came over with two plates and swept the rat 'into a bag', before compensating Alisha for her bill. 
Speaking to NBC, Alisha said she wasn't angry, but did admit the ordeal was 'disgusting'.She hadn't even ordered when she heard something from overheard."You could hear something come down," she said."I knew the rat was going to be injured because it hit like a Mack truck."Alisha then requested to speak to a manager, who came over to, erm, dispose of the rat before taking care of her bill." He took two plates and then they just picked it up and dumped it in a bag," she said."It was terrible. It was disgusting."