Man Thinks He's Filmed Jesus Floating In The Sky.

At one time or another, we've all seen something a bit strange in the sky. 
Whether it's a weird glint or a flashing light, something we can't really explain. But whereas most of us tend to put it down to the lights on a plane or a trick of the light, there are some who feel the need to share their experience with the entire world because it must be proof of extraterrestrial life. Well, one perturbed onlooker has done just that after they spotted a mysterious object floating across the night sky, which shocked them so much it caused them to ask 'is that Jesus?'.Pablo Morales was outside his home in Burbank, California when he spotted the creepy human one evening in May. He noticed the bizarre object moving through the air before Pablo began recording the event, the shadowy figure begins to land before it is lost behind the nearby houses. According to reports, the video was filmed near an airport, meaning that no drones or flying objects are permitted to fly in the airspace. But not one to jump to conclusions, Pablo didn't think it was a UFO or a ghost but rather the second coming Jesus Christ. Pablo said: "I was outside smoking with a buddy and my wife when something strange is floating in the sky."We were and still are shocked because it looks like a man floating, it glides through the sky and makes a plunge down to earth like it was landing."I still can't say what it was but it wasn't balloons or a drone, this was shot by an airport so drones cannot fly in that airspace."I thought it was Jesus Christ."What do you think? Jesus? Ghost? Alien? None of the above? I guess we'll never know.*But one thing we do know is Pablo isn't alone in witnessing some odd goings-on in the sky. Last month a U.S. Navy pilot claimed he saw UFOs flying over American airspace on a daily basis.Lt. Ryan Graves, says he regularly saw what he believed was extra-terrestrial activity while on patrol along the Eastern seaboard between Florida and Virginia. Speaking to the New York Times, Graves said he reported his sightings to his superiors at the Pentagon but the bureau would not speculate on what the objects were. A video published alongside the article looks at two alleged encounters between the U.S. military and UFOs using radar footage and voice recordings.