Expectant Parents Use Hippo for Gender Reveal — Was It Safe?

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A father-to-be fed watermelon to a hungry hippo to reveal the sex of his child. The reveal happened Saturday at Capital of Texas Zoo in Cedar Creek.

Blue Jell-O poured out of Tank the hippo’s mouth, indicating the couple is having a boy. But not everyone thinks getting the hippo involved was a good thing. “Worst gender reveal,” was one tweet. “That person's baby is not important enough to feed a hippo food colouring,” goes another comment. Bridgette and Jonathan Joseph are expectant parents. “It was a very small amount of Jell-O and mostly fell out on the ground anyways, but it would not have mattered because it is the same Jell-O that people feed their kids,” she said. “This is a regular practice in zoos.”The zoo director told Inside Edition watermelon and Jell-O are Tank the hippo’s favourite snacks, adding that they're "perfectly harmless" and "approved by our vet.”“Tank was more than happy to have the treat."