Woman collapses after hairdresser cuts off 12 inches of hair without telling her.

It's a stressful enough time for all involved, but it's rare that we get to experience the post-haircut devastation first-hand
Unless it happens to be us getting the chop, unfortunately. Thankfully this time, it wasn't it was a woman acting as a model on a Turkish makeover program called Kuaförüm Sensin or You're My Hairdresser. The stylist decided to chop off a solid 12 inches of the model's hair without asking her, with the intention of donating the hair to a cancer survivor charity. However, despite his good intentions, the woman was not prepared for such a severe loss of hair. While the rest of the stylists and models look on in horror, she storms off the set clutching her newly shortened locks in her hands. When she reaches one of the presenters she collapses on the floor, seemingly passing out from the trauma of the scenario. A clip of the tragic incident has been circulating on Twitter, with many empathizing with the woman's pain and lamenting the fact that the stylist seems to think the whole scenario is just a bit gas. Others, however, were convinced that the entire scene was staged due to the fact that, well, it looks staged.