Candy floss bouquets are now a thing and they're IDEAL for brides with a sweet tooth.

Aside from the sugar high-like giddiness of a wedding, there's plenty about the occasion that lends itself to a confectionary theme the pastel colours, the popularity of food as wedding favours, the practical need to keep everyone's energy levels up.
If you want to build actual sweets into your wedding, a great way to do it is with a candy floss bouquet. Yes, they exist and they are adorable. The trend that started in the US is now being picked up all over thanks to the power of social media and we're obsessed. It won't be for every bride but is definitely a fun way to add some personality and colour to your wedding - and your photos. The bouquet is one of the first details your guests will see so it'll help to create a fun atmosphere too. You'll also find that a candy floss bouquet is a lot cheaper than a floral one - music to the ears of anyone planning a wedding. Of course, edible bouquets are nothing new - we've seen brides walking down the aisle carrying everything from doughnuts and marshmallows to pizza.