Photographer Waits Hours To Capture The Autumn Idyll Of Squirrels Carrying A Nut Over A Lake

Aussie Firefighters Break Into Smiles And Dance As Rain Falls On Bushfire Area

Aussie Firefighters Break Into Smiles And Dance As Rain Falls On Bushfire Area

Engineers Create A Breathable And Waterproof Cast To Replace Plaster Ones And Stop The Itching Forever

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Most people fall into one of two categories. Those of us who have fragile bones that seem to break every time we have a small accident and those of us who seem to have bones of steel and bounce back from every nasty misfortune.

This Single Dad Adopted A Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Who Was Rejected By 20 Families

There’s nothing more heartwarming than reading stories about abandoned children who finally get to go home to loving parents.

Angelina Jolie ‘Lookalike’ Posts Before And After Photos Showing What She Really Looks Like

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Back in 2017, a woman became a viral juggernaut when she shared pictures of an extreme makeover she’d undergone in the hopes it would make her look like her Hollywood idol, Angelina Jolie.

Woman Rescued In Viral Spinning Video Wants $2 Million Settlement

Woman Rescued In Viral Spinning Video Wants $2 Million Settlement

A 74-year-old hiker is suing the city of Phoenix after a helicopter rescue mission resulted in a viral video in which she was seen spinning out of control while being airlifted.

82-Year-Old Bodybuilder Slams Table Over Man, 29, Who Broke Into Her Home

82-Year-Old New York Bodybuilder Slams Table Over Man, 29, Who Broke Into Her Home

An 82-year-old grandmother quickly made an intruder regret breaking in to her home by smashing a table over his head and hitting him with a broom. 

Heartbroken Dog Looking For Owner Tries To Dig Into His Tomb

Heartbroken Dog Looking For Owner Tries To Dig Into His Tomb

Dogs are loyal, there’s no denying that. So loyal, they’ll always greet you with unparalleled affection and never leave your side if they have anything to do with it, that is.

Homeland Security Created Fake University To Lure Students So ICE Could Arrest Them

Homeland Security Created Fake University To Lure Students So ICE Could Arrest Them

Around 90 additional students have been arrested after the Department of Homeland Security set up a fake university to lure in applications from immigrants living in the US.

Abandoned Cat Found On Street With Heartbreaking Note Tied To Collar

Abandoned Cat Found On Street With Heartbreaking Note Tied To Collar

Usually, when animals are abandoned by their former owners and left to fend for themselves, it’s because they aren’t wanted anymore.

Florida Dog Puts Car Into Reverse And Drives In Circles For An Hour

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Florida dogs aren’t satisfied with chasing their tails, they prefer grand theft autos. However this pooch accidentally put the car into reverse, driving in a circle for an hour.

Astonishing! Meet the Woman Who Claims to Have the Longest Legs in the World (See Photos)

A woman is looking to write her name in the Guinness Book of World Records as the one with the longest legs in the world.

3 stunning locations in Africa named among world’s most beautiful places

Africa is blessed with some of the most impressive and spectacular places in the world.

The fascinating culture of the Kuria people of Kenya allowing women to marry women

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The Kuria tribe is not as big as the Masaai of East Africa, but they have a rich and fascinating culture. They are found along the borders of Kenya and Tanzania, particularly in the Tarime, Musoma, Bunda and Serengeti districts of the Mara region in Northern Tanzania, and the west and east districts of Nyanza Province in southwest Kenya.

Venus And Jupiter Appear Next To Each Other In The Sky

Venus And Jupiter Will Appear Next To Each Other In The Sky Tonight

If you’re blessed with a clear sky this evening, look up to the stars and catch a glimpse of Venus and Jupiter side-by-side. 

Thieves Steal Billions In Jewellery And Diamonds From Museum ‘As Secure As Fort Knox’

Thieves Steal Billions In Jewellery And Diamonds From German Museum 'As Secure As Fort Knox'
Up to €1 billion worth of treasure has been stolen from a German museum, in a heist that’d make Danny Ocean sweat.

Dad Punches Nursery Teacher For Smothering Daughter With Apron

Dad Punches Nursery Teacher Thumb
A nursery teacher found herself on the wrong end of a dad’s fist after smothering his young daughter with an apron and shaking her violently. 

14-year-old Cameroonian wins 2019 International Children’s Peace Prize

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A 14-year-old Cameroonian has been adjudged winner of the 2019 International Children’s Peace Prize.

17-Year-Old on Being Attacked by Shark.

Paige Winter is lucky to be alive after she was attacked by a shark earlier this month in North Carolina.

Hilarious snaps reveal bizarre proposals.

Getting engaged is one of the most defining moments in any couple's relationship - however, these photos prove they don't always produce the most romantic of memories.

UK teenagers 'paid £1,000 to stab each other' by gang members.

Gang members are offering teenagers up to £1,000 to stab other youngsters, according to reports.

Ten-year-old girl murdered in southwest Poland.

Body of a 10-year-old girl was found on Thursday in a forest, some 6 kilometres from Mrowiny (Lower Silesian Voivodeship).

Couple who 'don't want jobs' ask strangers to pay for them to travel the world.

A couple is looking for money to explore the world, but don't want to work for it. Yep, you read that right.

Teen Lives After 10-Inch Knife Goes Through Face and Into Skull.

This teen is lucky to be alive after a 10-inch knife impaled his face when he fell while playing outside.

Teen Slammed for Planning to 'Take Care' of Her Future Husband.

A teen is being slammed online for her tweets about how she plans to cater to her future husband.

Python Devours Massive Crocodile Whole.

If you're anything like me, you'll have been told after many a Chinese buffet that your eyes are bigger than your belly, as you stagger home, your stomach having reached the third trimester of hoisin crispy duck pancakes.

Britain's Best Competitive Eaters.

A new documentary takes a look at three of Britain's top competitive eaters and, honestly, if you thought you had a big appetite, these guys are here to show you how wrong you are.

Woman Arrested For Keeping Endangered Bear Thought It Was A Dog.

A Malaysian singer who has been arrested for keeping a rare bear in her flat said that she thought she had rescued a dog.

Netflix Is Looking For Dogs To Star In A Series.

Netflix has announced that it is looking for cute dogs to star in the second series of a documentary series all about canine companions.

British teenager is remanded in custody in Cyprus after she was accused of lying about gang-rape.

A British teen has been remanded in custody in Cyprus after being accused of filing a false gang rape complaint to police.

Drug Dealer Jailed After Printing His Own Name On Drugs.

A drug dealer has been jailed after carelessly stamping his very own name onto his drugs.

Getting kids ready for school is the same as an extra day of work.

A recent study found that parents spend the guts of a working day trying to get their children ready for school.

Five-year-old boy eating dinner from a sheet of cardboard shows reality of the homeless crisis.

Earlier this week, the Homeless Street Café shared a photo of a five-year-old boy eating his dinner from a sheet of cardboard in the cold October weather.

Woman Charged With Manslaughter of Unborn Baby She Miscarried After Being Shot in Stomach.

An Alabama woman was indicted on a manslaughter charge after she was shot in the stomach, leading to the death of her unborn child, officials said. Marshae Jones was five months pregnant when authorities say on Dec. 4 she and Ebony Jemison began arguing over the father of Jones’ unborn baby outside a Dollar General in Pleasant Grove, reported.

21-Year-Old Woman Killed by Swarm of Sharks in Bahamas.

A young American on vacation with her family was killed in a shark attack Wednesday. Jordan Lindsey, 21, was snorkelling in the Bahamas when cops say her parents saw a swarm of three sharks coming at her.

Bride overcharges her bridesmaids for their dresses so she can pay for her wedding gown.

A bride has come under fire for overcharging her bridesmaids for their dresses - so that she could fund the cost of her own gown. An unnamed bridesmaid took to Facebook to reveal how the bride had initially told them the dresses she had picked out for them were €350 only to find out much, much later that they were actually €175.

Woman gives birth during Pink gig, names baby in her honour.

Music is a wonderfully powerful thing, and we've all experienced a life-changing gig before, just not perhaps like this. Fresh from wowing Irish fans in Dublin last week, Pink continued her tour with a date at Anfield were somehow something even more dramatic than Liverpool's Champions League heroics took place.

Dad Asks Parents Not To Take Their Children To See The Lion King.

We all know the enjoyment of Disney films is not the preserve of children - hence Disney pub quizzes seem to be a thing these days. However, one dad in New Zealand has taken his love for The Lion King a little far by asking other parents not to take their children to see the film after 5pm.

Simone Biles set to be the first woman to perform triple double flip.

Simone Biles is set to become the first woman to ever perform a triple-double flip in a competition. The US gymnast will attempt to land the jump which involves two flips followed by three twists in a tucked position in an upcoming competition, making her the first female gymnast to ever achieve one.

Ghost Hunters Are Filming A Two-Hour Show At The Real-Life Conjuring House.

A paranormal investigation team are planning to visit the real-life house that inspired the original Conjuring movie. The Old Arnold Estate in Harrisville, Rhode Island, was home to the Perron family from 1971 to 1980, who claimed they were persecuted by spirits.

Model Mikaela Testa Breaks Down After Instagram Removes 'Likes' From Posts.

An Australian Instagram model has been having a real struggle since the social media platform removed the 'likes' on posts.

11 Year Old Boy Accidentally Finds 65 Million Year Old Dinosaur Eggs.

A young boy has accidentally found a nest of fossilised dinosaur eggs; how's that for a summer holiday activity, eh? The 11-year-old boy found what he thought was a 'strange stone' while out near a lake in Heyuan, Guangdong Province in China, but when he gave it a closer look, he thought it might be a dinosaur egg - and it turns out he was right.

The water park with spa treatments and minimal waiting lines.

The words "water" and "park" tend to conjure up images of screaming children, long lines and bad food.

Cop Adopts Unborn Baby Off Pregnant Lady After Seeing Her Injecting Drugs.

Never did Albuquerque, New Mexico, police officer Ryan Holets expect the compelling story that he shared about adopting the baby of a homeless woman addicted to heroin would have caught the attention of the White House.

Stranger Steps In to Transform Woman Attacked by Cyberbullies.

“It was life-changing. I had been like that for 32 years. For that to change… it was like, ‘Who are you? Who are you now?'” The internet can be a cruel place, especially in an age where anyone who doesn’t conform to typical beauty standards is made to feel ashamed about things they have no control over, like their hair, their skin, their body, or even their smile.

Waitress slammed for serving 'pregnant' woman non-alcoholic cocktails.

Posting to Reddit's Am I The Asshole? forum, the woman explained that she had been waiting tables for the last few years.

Mum claims people without children should be banned from Disney World.

A mum has claimed people without children shouldn't be allowed in the Disney theme parks - as they "ruin" the park for children.

Couple Face Backlash From Neighbours For Zoo-Style Enclosure For Their Cats.

A former police officer is facing a backlash from her neighbours after building an epic zoo-style 'big cat' enclosure for her domestic moggies. Sue Haworth, 53, and husband Richard, 51, have spent £10,000 on the 9ft-high cage (they've dubbed it the 'catio'), which they've installed in their garden so that their four cats have a safe space to play.