US teen put in a coma after vaping too much.

A teenager in America was left in a comatose state after vaping too much left her lungs near fatally damaged.18-year-old Maddie Nelson from Utah was taken to hospital earlier this month after reporting difficulty breathing, chest pains and nausea. Doctors found that her lungs were severely inflamed with her vaping hobby being the key factor.

The Queen approves Boris Johnson's plan to suspend UK Parliament.

Brexit took yet another chaotic turn Wednesday when a controversial request from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend UK Parliament from mid-September was approved by Queen Elizabeth.

Most Australians can now change the gender on their birth certificates.

A southern-eastern state in Australia, Victoria, has become the fifth state with a law that allows transgender people to easily change their gender on paper. According to a report, the birth certificate bill passed 26-14 in the Victorian Upper House on Tuesday, August 27.

Drug dealer who posed with cash, cars and guns on Instagram jailed for 17 years.

A young Instagram influencer who posed with stacks of cash, scantily clad women and high-powered guns has been locked up for drug dealing.

Ten teens hurt as gunman opens fire inside American football stadium.

Ten teenagers have been hurt after a shooting inside a stadium following a 'fight in the stands' at an American Football match.

Stunning images show Britain's dramatic new 'Sky Pool' where swimmers can take a dip 115 feet above London next door to US Embassy.

Britain's dramatic new 'Sky Pool' has taken a step closer to completion after undergoing final testing before being shipped to London.

Man to walk free from prison 36 years after he was locked up for stealing £41.

A man is due to walk free from prison after spending 36 years locked up for stealing £41. Alvin Kennard was serving life without parole under an old Alabama 'three strikes' law.

Brother of Olympic gold medal gymnast Simone Biles is charged with MURDER.

The brother of Olympic gold medal gymnast Simone Biles has been charged over a triple-homicide on New Year's Eve in Cleveland. Tevin M. Biles-Thomas was arrested on Thursday at Fort Stewart in Georgia over the fatal shooting at an AirBnB rental that left three men dead eight months ago.

Wicklow primary school bans the use of smartphones.

A primary school in Wicklow has banned the use of smartphones on their grounds. St Cronan's in Bray said they carried out a survey in June with parents who voted overwhelmingly in favour of banning smartphones.

Bamboo brushes and eco-friendly floss: 5 products for more sustainable oral care.

Very clean? Pretty clean? Clean enough, tbh? Either way, it doesn't really matter. We're not here to talk about hygiene. Well, not entirely.

Irishman hospitalised after lightning strike on US golf course.

NBC cameras captured the dramatic moment when a bolt of lightning struck a 60-foot pine tree on the East Lake golf course in Atlanta, Georgia. The incident occurred during the TOUR Championship.

These are the most popular takeaways in the north and south of Dublin .

It's total comfort food that you need when you're tired/hungover/just fancy it. And the best thing about a takeaway is that you can just sit on your arse and it gets delivered to your door within 30 mins (more or less).

Munchies release new chocolate fudge brownie flavour.

Munchies are delicious. They are chocolatey, they are tasty, and they are vastly under they shouldn't be either.

Reese's stick ice creams exist and we've never felt love like this before.

If you're a lover of all that is deliciously peanut butter and usually wrapped in a succulent chocolate cup, which is then delicately placed into orange packaging...

Cadbury has released THREE new chocolate bars but hurry, they're not here for long 1 month ago Cadbury has released THREE new chocolate bars but hurry, they're not here for long.

Cadbury has just released three new chocolate bars to the Irish and UK market following on from a competition they launched last year.

Experts say there's no need to wait to go to sleep after eating.

It was always recommended that you should leave around two hours between eating your last meal and going to bed.

KFC is now offering vegan chicken wings and nuggets in the States.

Vegan food is all the rage these days. 

These vegan and gluten-free fajitas are everything we need for a Friday night feast.

It's safe to say, we're raving about this new fajita recipe.

10 Stephen King books to read while waiting for IT: Chapter 2.

The 2017 horror film, based on the Stephen King novel, is set in the summer of 1989 and follows seven children Bill, Ben, Beverly, Richie, Mike, Eddie, and Stan who are terrorized by an evil being that exploits their fears and worst nightmares.

Mom Teaches Kids How to Dive, but Her Second Child Has Other Hilarious Plans.

As temperatures increase in most states across the United States, what better time to head to the pool?

Baby Is Born With Chicken Pox-Like Lumps, but It Turns Out to Be 1-in-100,000 Disease.

It all started when little Oscar Langham was born with a red rash on his back and spots scattered around his body. 

Man Wakes Up From 5-year Coma After Wife Nursed Him 20 Hrs per Day Then He Says 4 Stunning Words.

We all know the phrase “in sickness and in health” uttered by couples on their wedding day.

Man arrested on suspicion of murder by Gardaí investigating fatal Tallaght assault.

A 24-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder following a fatal assault in Tallaght which occurred on Saturday night.

FBI’s Nigerian email scam ring bust shows how the billion-dollar global fraud has evolved.

A series of arrests by the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the US has nabbed one of the “most prolific” rings of Nigerian fraudsters operating in the country.

13 year old boy kills himself after learning his crush has a boyfriend.

A 13-year-old accidentally took his own life after finding out through popular messenger, WhatsApp, that his crush already had a boyfriend. According to authorities, 13-year-old Harry Storey was devastated when he learned through a series of WhatsApp messages between friends that the girl he liked was already taken.

Little girl flogged to death by her father in Akure.

A little girl who is reportedly less than 10 years old has been beaten to death by her father in Akure, Ondo state. According to a Twitter user @YemieFASH who shared the shocking story online, an unidentified lady took the little girl’s corpse to the state hospital in Akure but fled with the body after the girl was confirmed dead.

The story of the Malawian teen who built a windmill from junk to power his village.

That was how Malawian local media The Daily Times, in 2006, began its reportage on the story of William Kamkwamba, a teenager who had dropped out of school but had taught himself how to build a windmill from junk to power his family’s home.

New Zealand speaker feeds MP’s baby during parliament debate.

The man who presides over New Zealand’s parliament has been called a baby whisperer after helping to soothe a colleague’s infant in the chamber during a debate.

Trophy hunter's bones 'turn to mush' as he is savaged by alligator he was trying to kill

A trophy hunter looking to snag a grand kill almost met his maker when the reptile fought back. Justin Perchalski decided to go out on the rivers just two days into the legal hunting season in Florida when he spotted a potential prize.

Macron and Merkel call Amazon rain forest fires an international emergency as the French president warns the 'planet's lungs are on fire.

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron have called the Amazon rainforest fire an international emergency, prompting a furious response from Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro.

Missing French tourist who sparked a massive search and rescue operation in crocodile-infested national park was actually hiding in a cave writing a children's book.

A missing French tourist who sparked a massive search and rescue operation in a famous national park was actually camping in a cave writing a children's book.

Street magician helps with incredible proposal in Times Square.

A bride-to-be was stunned when a magician's playing cards spelled out the words 'Will you marry me' during an 'incredible' Times Square proposal. 

Young boy dies at Center Parcs in Longleat after falling ill while playing with children in sub-tropical pool.

A horrified mother screamed 'wake up' after her young son died while playing in a sub-tropical indoor pool at a Center Parks in Wiltshire, it has been claimed.

700 strangers line up for hours for the funeral of mother, 63, who was killed in the El Paso Walmart massacre.

Hundreds of strangers turned out to pay their respects to a victim of the El Paso, Texas, mass shooting after a public appeal for strangers to attend her funeral.

Murdered’ PC Andrew Harper was 'hit by police car' after being dragged by van.

A newlywed PC killed in the line of duty was struck by a police vehicle after being dragged by a van, it is claimed.

Rihanna’s mini-lookalike lands her first major modeling job.

Do you remember the little princess who broke the internet for looking just like millionaire singer and entrepreneur, Rihanna? Well, this time around, the mini-Rihanna has landed herself a big new modelling deal.

Thousands are trapped in a desert settlement in Syria, near a US military base.

Shukri Shehab and his wife have not slept in two nights. Their three-week-old granddaughter will not stop crying.

Firefighter Loses Three Children In Blaze While Attending Nearby Call-Out To 'Broken Fire Alarm'.

A volunteer firefighter lost three of his children in a deadly fire that ripped through their daycare centre while he was on a nearby call-out for a 'broken alarm'.

Mum Who Shot Gunman Attempting To Rob Families Outside Daughter's School Elected As Politician.

A woman who hit headlines after she shot and killed an armed robber outside her daughter's school has been elected to Congress in Brazil.

Woman Survives Plunging 1.5 Kilometres In Skydive After Both Parachutes Failed To Open.

A woman is recovering in hospital after a horror sky diving accident saw both her main and back up parachutes not work.

.World Champion Thai Boxer Jumps In To Stop Robbery In Majorca.

A pair of robbers on the Spanish tourist island on Majorca ended up getting more than they bargained for after running into a female Thai boxing champion.

5-Year-Old Starts Patrolling His Streets After His Toy Car Is Stolen.

This Arizona neighbourhood is safe, as long as 5-year-old Jack Allison is around. Someone broke into his family’s garage in Phoenix about two months ago and stole Jack's toy Tesla, along with some other items.

Black Man Detained for 19 Minutes by Michigan Cops After White Woman Calls 911 Because He Stared at Her.

A black man in Michigan was stopped by cops after a white woman called 911 to report he was staring at her from across a street.

Former anorexic who took parents to court over feeding her has 'miracle' family.

A former anorexic who took her own parents to court to stop them feeding her says having her 'miracle' family has helped turn her life around. Vicki Carter, 36, believed she could never have children as she thought her former eating disorder had permanently damaged her fertility.

The mum with TWO cheeky monkeys…and a whole troop of orphaned baboons.

Even as a little girl growing up in Dorset, Samantha Dewhirst had a clear vision of her future: ‘I knew I wanted to be a chimpanzee or a vet, she laughs.

Photographs capture the heart-stopping moments ahead of some VERY unfortunate accidents.

We've all had that moment of startling panic after realising we're seconds away from falling face-first onto the floor.

This company will pay you almost €1,000 to watch Friends all day.

Turns out you could have been making money the whole time. Watching episodes of an old TV show that you've already seen countless times may seem like a waste of a day but now a company will give you cash to do just that. In honour of Friends turning 25 this year, sales company Frontier Bundles is paying someone $1,000 to watch 25 hours of the show.

Dad With Cancer Surprises Son on 1st Day of School.

A group of police officers in Missouri wanted to escort a little boy with autism to his first day of kindergarten when they heard his dad wouldn’t be able to.

Dream job alert: You and your dog can team up to review hotels together.

A trip away for free to review a stunning doggo-friendly hotel, obviously. Going anywhere is just better with a dog by your side so we love's latest job listing. The website is hiring a canine hotel critic.

Racist and Islamophobic tweets cost Trump-loving Miss Michigan 2019 her crown.

Former Miss Michigan 2019 and Trump supporter Kathy Zhu got served a dose of karma after her crown was stripped of her by organizers of Miss World America after old racist and Islamophobic posts she shared on her Twitter page resurfaced.

Mike Tyson reveals he earns $500K a month from his marijuana ranch in California.

Even before his luxurious California weed resort will fully come to life, former boxing champ Mike Tyson is already raking in huge amounts of cash from the marijuana business that he is currently operating in California.

Man With Television On His Head Leaves TVs Outside People's Houses.

The idea of a stranger creeping up to your house in the middle of the night is a fairly sinister one.

Architect designs a space-age sleeping space for Netflix-lovers with a 4K projector, 70-inch screen and its own app.

An architect has designed a cutting-edge bed which is equipped with a 4K projector, a 70-inch screen and a custom-built app to allow owners to binge watch TV without having to get up.

Australian influencer says brands refuse to work with her because her body is too 'real' for Instagram.

An Australian Instagram influencer has lashed out at companies who turn her down for photoshoots because her body is too 'real'.

Transgender woman is 'handcuffed like a criminal' after cleaner stopped her from using ladies' toilets.

A transgender woman was handcuffed 'like a criminal' after a shopping mall cleaner stopped her from using the ladies' toilets.

Nora Quoirin was wandering ALIVE for a WEEK before she died from internal bleeding caused by starvation

Teenager Nora Quiorin was alive in the Malaysian jungle for a week while rescue teams desperately searched for her before she died from intestinal damage likely caused by hunger and stress, police revealed today.

This forgotten woman Madam C.J. Walker could be America’s first black millionaire.

When African-American trailblazers are being celebrated, names like Frederick Douglass, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King Jr. always come up and are revered and regarded as sources of pride in African-American households.

Newlyweds feed 280 guests with food 'destined for the bin'.

A waste-conscious couple served their 280 wedding guests to a lavish banquet with food that was destined for the bin.

Nora Quoirin is found dead: Body discovered in Malaysian jungle is missing British teenager.

Nora Quoirin's parents have identified her dead body after it was found naked near a waterfall in the Malaysian jungle, police confirmed today.

Body found in search for missing Nóra Quoirin.

The body was found 2km away from the Malaysian resort where she was staying with her family, according to authorities.

3-year-old Irish boy in critical condition following swimming pool incident in Spain.

A three-year-old Irish boy is in a critical condition in hospital in Spain after being pulled unconscious from a swimming pool near Alicante early on Monday.
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