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The most terrifying case of head lice ever.

A toe-curling video showing a man's hairline crawling with thousands of head lice has been posted online. The footage, which has no doubt been causing parents of school-age children to reach for a comb, demonstrates what happens if an infestation is left untreated. The unidentified man's hair seems to be alive as the bacteria-covered bugs climb through it. Dee Wright, founder of London-based Hairforce which offers a specialised ‘Lice Assasins’ service, said: 'That's a very extreme case. He will have them in his eyebrows and his eyelashes - they will be falling down.' That person's scalp will be raw in places and infected. That will be running his system down like crazy.' It's a major job to get that out. It's enough to make anyone feel itchy all over.' Ms Wright said she has seen worse cases in the past and has even found whole nests inside her clients' hair.' It's incredibly uncomfortable,' she added. 'They are feeding off the blood of the host. You would be surprised how fast it proliferates.'

Is this the new Grumpy Cat?

A Persian cat that constantly looks angry is being dubbed the new 'Grumpy Cat' by his social media followers. Louis, a six-year-old Persian cat from Austin, Texas, has amassed a devoted online following thanks to his irresistibly irritated face. While his 3,000-strong Instagram fan club is still far short of the 2.7million enjoyed by the original Grumpy Cat, Louis' supporters believe he has what it takes to be the next big social media star.
Owner Michelle Alexis, 26, a medical scribe, said: 'Louis is a full breed Persian but people often ask if he has a genetic disorder because they think his facial features are an exception, but he is completely normal.' People usually, react saying he looks like a human old man! They love his big "marble eyes" that he squints often.' Part of the reason behind Louis' grumpiness might be his love-hate relationship with Michelle's other cat Monae, who is a Lynx Point Siamese.
In fact, Michelle says Monae has always had the upper hand over poor Louis. Michelle said: 'When we got Monae she was a baby and Louis was a full grown cat, and yet she bullied him for two months straight.' She even tackles and picks at him, but really she loves him. Louis is now referred to as the "new Grumpy Cat," but he is actually very sweet, happy and playful.' He loves to snuggle and give head rubs, he will chase lasers and play with toys.' Louis seems a worthy successor to Grumpy Cat - real name Tardar Sauce - who passed away on 17 May from an infection. The fickle feline shot to fame in 2012 in a YouTube video that received 15.7 million views and went on to amass a $100M fortune for her former-waitress owner Tabatha Bundesen. The internet sensation was born with feline dwarfism and an underbite, which caused her famous expression.

Moment Mount Etna erupts and shoots jets of lava and volcanic ash into the air.

A huge column of gas could also be seen over the Italian volcano, which is located in the city of Catania, between both Messina and Catania. The eruption did not affect nearby Catania airport and flights continued as normal. Each year, it produces enough lava to fill a 108-story skyscraper, spewing tonnes of molten rock across the island of Sicily. Boris Behncke, from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, posted a series of stunning photos of lava taken from nearby towns. Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe at two-and-a-half times the next largest, Mount Vesuvius.

Moment a military father dressed as a mascot surprises his SIX emotional kids at school.

The children of a returning military dad were treated to a heart-warming surprise at a school assembly in this video. The video takes place at Big Ridge Elementary in the US state of Tennessee, where pupils are gathered for what appeared to be a routine school assembly. Addressing the rows of children at the school's gymnasium is school principal Kim Turner. At the start of the video, she introduces the school's mascot Twister the Tiger, who runs out to applause from the pupils. Unbeknownst to everyone in the audience, the man underneath the costume is, in fact, father-of-six Justin Bunch. Mr Bunch, who serves in the military, had not seen his family for an extended period of time. 
Ms Turner proceeds to call out five members of the Bunch family one-by-one to come to the front of the assembly. Siblings Brooke, 10, Hayden, 7, Ethan, 5, are called to the front of the assembly along with their cousins Mariano, 11, and Vada, 7. Mr Bunch, 34, high-fives each of the five children as they join him at the centre of the gymnasium. He then turns around and removes his Tiger helmet, revealing himself to his young children and their cousins. After a momentary pause, the children rush to embrace Mr Bunch as pupils hoot and cheer in the background. His two eldest sons Chad, 14, and Tyler, 12, also run over to hug their dad. The group are then joined by Mr Bunch's wife Kasey, 32, who is carrying their two-year-old child Ayden, 2. The heart-warming video ends with the family taking a group photo together. Mr Bunch is stationed in Fort Stewart, Georgia, with the 526 Engineer Construction Company, 92nd Engineer Battalion, who he has been with since 2015.

Mum nearly lost finger after nail salon's 'dirty' equipment caused huge growth.

A new mum almost lost part of her finger after being cut by a nail technician's 'dirty' equipment. Brittany Guyatt says she nearly had to have a section of her finger amputated after the cut left her with a horrendous growth that smelled and left her unable to breastfeed. The 20-year-old claims she was cut by the 'rough' technician while getting acrylic nails fitted ahead of giving birth to her daughter Harper last month. Over a period of days, a bruise developed into what at first looked like a blood blister but grew 'bigger and bigger' - and shortly after giving birth, Brittany was in unbearable pain. The restaurant manager was left unable to breastfeed for fear of infecting her new baby as the growth extended off her finger by more than a centimetre and 'filled with smelly pus'.As the nodule of tissue or granuloma turned black, Brittany was told she needed surgery or faced losing part of her finger. The first time mum has vowed never to have acrylic nails done again and is now warning others to make sure the equipment used on them is sterilised properly. After sharing her ordeal on social media, her warning racked up more than 21,000 likes, comments and shares from worried Facebook users horrified by the images of the growth. Brittany, from Swindon, Wiltshire, said: "You see these things and never think it'll happen to you.
"I'll never have my nails done again - it's not worth it. I'd rather buy stick-on ones. At first it looked like a little bruise, but eventually, it started getting bigger and going red."It was a pinch at first, then it started to become a lump a bit like a blood blister."As it grew, it had a white, waxy look and my skin started peeling off."Then it went black and dried up. It could have been anything - even cancer."When I showed the doctor, she'd never seen anything like it before."Brittany and her sister had decided to get their nails done as a pre-birth pick-me-up when she claims a 'rough' nail technician cut her with an electric file. Shortly after the injury, the granuloma grew bigger and bigger and Brittany visited the doctors where she was prescribed steroid cream - causing her to stop breastfeeding. She also soaked it in salt water and covered it in plasters to stop it catching on things, and after Harper arrived, she worried about passing on an infection. Brittany said: "I'd been on maternity leave and thought I'd make myself feel a bit better."I went to a nail salon as I'd been there before and never had a problem."When the man was shaping the acrylics, I felt him pinch me with the nail filer."He was quite rough and when he caught my finger, it started tingling and burning. Nothing came up until a few hours later though."I didn't say anything at the time because they can be a bit rough anyway and they've caught my skin a few times in the past.
"But I did say to my sister when I walked out 'ouch, he caught my hand quite sharp that time'."Within a few days, it was a little bruise and blood blister, then over time, it got bigger and bigger. I didn't think much of it and presumed it was a little wart that might fall off."When I went into labour with Harper it was fine because I'd covered it with a plaster, but when I got home it started getting bigger and bigger."I was concerned about it getting infected and harming the baby."After two trips to the walk-in centre at Great Western Hospital, Swindon, Brittany was given blood tests and an X-ray to make sure the granuloma hadn't fused to her bone. Then on Wednesday, she underwent an operation where it was was cut out - after doctors feared they would have to remove part of her finger. Brittany said: "I went to the walk-in centre as it had started to smell and fill with pus."They gave me some steroid cream for it, which meant I had to stop breastfeeding my baby, and it didn't get any better."I'm really disheartened by that because I was really enjoying breastfeeding and felt we had a great connection."Then I was told it would only continue to grow because there are blood vessels in it, so the only way to fix it was to scrape and burn it off."I had blood tests were taken and X-rays to check it hadn't attached to the bone, then on Wednesday, I went in for the procedure.
"They were worried about how low it would go down into my finger."They had a look, took a biopsy and cut it out to remove it. It was very painful but now it's off."It was much bigger than I thought when they showed it to me in the solution before sending it off for further tests."The nurse needs to have a look next week at my stitches and I have to keep it out of water when I'm in the shower."I've had to get help changing Harper's nappy too because of the bandages."I'm now in a lot of pain and my finger is throbbing."Brittany is now hoping by sharing her story she'll encourage more people to take care when choosing a nail technician. Brittany said: "The doctor said it could have been the tools the salon had used. They could have been dirty."I just want other girls to make sure they see the technicians sterilise the equipment. I'd never seen them wipe them before."Make sure you go somewhere you trust."

Teen 'needed acid attack victim treatment after makeup remover BURNT eye green'.

A teenager has said she was left looking like a comic book villain after claiming a makeup remover burnt her eye. Jade Inglis, 19, said she was left with an eye like Batman's Poison Ivy after using a Garnier cleansing product. She said he feared she was going to lose her sight. Jade says she removed her eye make-up with the micellar oil-infused cleansing water - and noticed nothing untoward before going to sleep. But the following morning the student says she was forced to peel open her right eyelid as it was ‘glued’ shut with a sticky discharge. Jade called 111 as there were no GPs open on a Saturday and was told to go to A&E - where she says hospital staff washed her eye out with a solution used on acid attack victims. After using an orange dye to assess the damage, doctors discovered Jade had a chemical burn on her eyeball believed to be caused by the £6.99 micellar water. This showed up under the lens as a glowing green mark. The dye left the abrasion on her eye looking like it belonged to the beautiful-but-deadly eco-terrorist Poison Ivy from the DC comic franchise - played by Uma Thurman in the 1997 hit film. Marine biology student Jade has shared the painful-looking images to highlight what she says happened. A Garnier spokesman said that all of their products undergo 'rigorous testing to ensure it is safe to use, even on sensitive skin'.
Jade, from Cambridge, said: “It felt like sunburn in my eye, the pain was excruciating.“When my eye turned green from the dye I looked like Poison Ivy from the Batman films, thankfully it faded away after a few hours.“I was terrified that I’d lose my sight when I heard I had a chemical abrasion on my eye - the first thing I was asked was whether it was permanent or not.“They took the PH level of my eye - the level in my right eye was higher than may leave - then they used a solution on my eye that I was told was used on acid attack victims.“I had to lie there for 20 minutes with the tube inside my eye, it was horrific.
“It was held in place with a little sucker that looked like a toilet plunger around my whole eye. It was so uncomfortable, I’ve never felt anything like it before.“They put an orange dye in my eye and then looked at my eye through an optician’s lens to see if there was any permanent damage.“They could see a really big abrasion on my pupil from the chemical burn, that’s the green in the photo, and said it would heal by itself.”Jade was given pain relief and antibiotics and sent home but was forced to make another trip to A&E during a trip to visit her boyfriend in Sheffield two days later when there was no improvement. The self-conscious student made the three-hour train journey to visit 19-year-old student boyfriend Michael Campbell while wearing glasses to hide her puffy, weeping eye. Jade said: “My eye was closed all day on Saturday as I was in so much pain and crying constantly.“I’d already booked tickets up to Sheffield to visit my boyfriend on Sunday and I didn’t want to waste my money.“I wore sunglasses the whole journey as I was so self-conscious.”On a Monday morning, Jade went to Northern General Hospital in Sheffield as her eye was still painful and was referred to an eye hospital the next day. There she was re-assessed, given more medication and told it would eventually heal and there should be no lasting damage. Garnier’s micellar oil-infused cleansing water boasts it is for dry and sensitive skin, it ‘cleans and nourishes’ and is suitable for use on face, eyes and lips. The Garnier website blurb reads: “For the first time Garnier Micellar technology is formulated with oils. The micelles (cleansing agents) capture impurities like a magnet and lift away dirt from the skin, whilst the oils instantly dissolve all types of make-up.”Jade said: “I’ve used other Garnier micellar waters before and not had a problem.“I ran out of my normal one and saw that specific oil-infused one in the shop and thought I’d try it.“I religiously take my make-up off before bed so dripped the cleanser onto a cotton pad and wiped it around my face and eyes to get everything off.“I didn’t notice anything unusual when I put the product on my skin - it looked and felt fine.“As soon as I woke up the next day my right eye was glued shut with discharge, I could tell it was something different to just sleep in my eye.

“I went straight to the bathroom and tried to prise it open and wiped all the discharge away before contacting a friend and then 111.“It must have been that Garnier product because I’ve been using everything else for years.“The pain before the eyedrops were excruciating, I would be up all night crying with it. The doctors can’t do anything more with it, I’ve been told it will heal by itself."Anglia Ruskin University student Jade is now urging Garnier to pull the product so no-one else suffers the same painful injury she has. Jade said: “If it can happen to me it can happen to anyone, I don’t want anyone else going through the pain that I have - it was horrific.“I’m not allergic to anything and as it’s only happened in one eye it’s clearly a chemical burn and not an allergic reaction."The bottle says it’s a product for face, eyes and lips.“I’ve been so self-conscious since it’s happened and been wearing sunglasses the whole time.

This man's stunning America's Got Talent audition left people shocked.

It's easy to be cynical but if you're looking for something that's bound to improve your mood, Kodi Lee's recent audition on America's Got Talent is just the thing. As stated on his Twitter profile, Kodi is a "musician, performer, singer, and tap dancer."He's also a very charismatic 22-year-old man that happens to be blind and autistic. As you can see below, Kodi's mother says that music has consistently been a creative outlet for him and in the most recent episode of America's Got Talent, he showed off his skills for the whole world to see. Take a look at his staggering rendition of 'A Song for You' that was made famous by the likes of Ray Charles, Donny Hathaway, and Michael Bublé. All we're going to say is that Gabrielle Union, a judge on the show, has got a very good taste.

World’s smallest surviving baby released from hospital in San Diego.

The world’s smallest baby ever to survive has been released from the hospital in San Diego as a healthy and happy infant, a little under five months after being born. San Diego's Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns, California's largest maternity hospital, has confirmed that Saybie went home earlier this month as a happy and healthy five-pound infant, having weighed just 245 grams (8.6 ounces) when she was born. According to the official Tiniest Baby Registry, maintained by the University of Iowa in the US, Maybe is the world’s smallest baby ever to survive. Born at only 23 weeks and three days gestation, Saybie has been cared for at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital, recognised as among the best in the world in caring for micro preemies (the term is given to babies born weighing less than one pound, 12 ounces (800 grams) or before 26 weeks gestation). You can learn more about Saybie’s story in the video below.

People Spot Funny Detail On Mum's Photo With Baby Boy.

A mum has shared a candid snap with her two-week-old baby boy, has been enjoying some post-shower skin-to-skin contact. The only thing is, some people have become a bit distracted by the amusing placement of her son's foot. Abby Gilmore, a WAG-turned-parenting Instagrammer, wrote: "It's amazing what one little boy can do. You've made me relax. You've made me feel content. You've made me enjoy this time again and most importantly, you've made my heart feel so complete little man."Luckiest Mummy to have my 3 beautiful kids who share the strongest connection already. #2weekspostpartum."
However, some people haven't been focusing on the beautiful moment Gilmore was sharing with her son, Mason, and was instead convinced that she was having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction."Haha, I thought that was a nipple," one person commented. Another said: "Wow if your nips are that high after 3 you are blessed."Gilmore - who lives in Altona North, Victoria, Australia - was then forced to add a disclaimer, saying: "P.s. that's his foot, not a nipple."The post has now racked up more than 12,000 likes and countless comments - most of which revolve around the amusing optical illusion, though some people have thrown Gilmore a bit of support. One person commented: "How could anyone think that was a nipple? And even if it was, who cares?"A second added: "IT DOESN'T EVEN LOOK LIKE A NIPPLE, even remotely... at all."Some people decided to ignore the nipple chat altogether and instead decided to congratulate Gilmore on the birth of her first son. One said: "I'm so very happy to see you enjoy this time with your newest baby I understand this has not always been the best of times for you and thank you for sharing this joy that now has with us in the Instagram world."Mason is the baby for Gilmore and her boyfriend Leighroy Wellington. Gilmore also has two older children, Arlo and Milla, with ex-partner, Aussie footballer Jake Stringer. Gilmore has become known for sharing candid, honest posts about pregnancy and motherhood have become an influential figure on the 'mummy blogger' scene. Another urged her to 'ignore the trolls', writing: "How beautiful is this photo!"

Dog Becomes Foster Dad To Six Orphaned Ducklings.

A loving Labrador who hit headlines last year after adopting nine ducklings is now back touching hearts across the nation with six new fledgelings to look after. Fred is an 11-year-old pooch who shot to fame for all the right reasons last year when he looked after nine baby orphaned ducklings after their mother vanished. Since then, they've all flown the nest - but now he's back at it, having found another group of doting ducklings to fuss over. Fred is the resident pet at Mountfitchet Castle near Stansted, Essex, where staff enjoy seeing him in action as a bit of a father figure to the birds. Formerly an Iron Age hill fort, the structure is Norman Motte and Bailey castle and is built of wood. The historic site was also a Roman signals fort and later a Saxon and Viking settlement before being attacked in 1066 by William the Conqueror. Jeremy Goldsmith, director of Mountfitchet Castle, said: "He took to his role like a duck to water."Fred has got an absolutely wonderful nature. They absolutely love him."The gang of ducklings had been left behind by their mother, a Muscovy duck after she wandered off with six of their siblings. However, it didn't take long for Fred to step in with some TLC. Once he was shown the orphans, the devoted dog instantly lay down around them to keep them warm - and it wasn't long before the birds clambered onto his back, with one playfully perching on his head. Goldsmith added: "Fred indicated straight away that there would be no ducking out of his duties as he settled in around them."Within minutes the ducklings accepted their odd-looking new mum and were climbing all over him."Mountfitchet Castle shared the incredible footage of Fred being a duck-dad on Instagram, writing: "Fred, the famous Labrador dog is not ducking out of his duties as he again steps in to foster seven-day-old ducklings."The mother, a Muscovy duck, had fourteen babies but for some reason left half of them behind in the nest when she wandered off to the nearest pond with the other half of the ducklings dutifully following along behind her. The post added: "Within minutes the ducklings accepted their odd-looking new mum and were climbing all over him."

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Pilot Christiaan van Heijst captures dramatic snap of Northern Lights.

Boeing 747 pilot Christiaan van Heijst has captured this amazing photo of the Northern Lights and the moon. He explained: “Northern lights and a bright moon over a cloud-covered Greenland.“Once the human eyes are adjusted to the lack of light, there is just so much to see outside the cockpit windows.“Thousands of stars, meteors in all sorts of colours, aurora dancing vividly and the silver-blue light of the Moon casting shadows and depth on the cloudscapes for as far as the eyes can see. A serene and natural spectacle that is only visible for a handful of pilots this night. The Dutch pilot said he often wondered about the thoughts of the first people to witness the Northern Lights.“Fear? Awe? Curiosity? Or perhaps a mixture of all of them. Having no knowledge to explain their presence or nature, I can imagine the aurora must have been of divine origin to them; a manifestation of their old Gods and the new,” he said.“Today we know that the aurora is caused by charged particles from the Sun that get caught in the Earth’s magnetic field.“(It’s) a rather boring and factual statement, though it doesn’t take away the fascinating nature of the lights. An enchanting display of one of the most beautiful manifestations of nature and that always leaves me excited when I see them in person.”

5 African countries where women bleach their skin to look white.

It’s true what they say: “the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice”, but the popular phrase, that has so many times been used to appreciate black women and their skin, hasn’t quite yet made a mark in the beauty and entertainment industry, especially in Africa. Thanks to the huge consumption of Western culture which has led to the copying of whatever is seen, women with lighter skin in Africa have someway, somehow, become the epitome of beauty which reflects, especially in media and entertainment. The desire to attain such a look has, since the early 90s, become an African problem, as many creams – both legal and illegal – flood the markets, meeting equally high patronage. Over the years, several governments in Africa have tried to ban such products, however, new ways of getting that ‘perfect light skin’ flood the system day in and out. More recently, so-called essential oils, pills, and injections are gaining popularity in several African countries. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) report, over 40% of the female population in Africa bleach while 10 per cent has thought and attempted to start the process. In 2017, the bleaching products industry was worth $17. 9 billion dollars. Quite recently, several East African countries, such as Rwanda and Kenya, made moves to eradicate the dangerous and addictive lifestyle while other countries like Congo and Nigeria have several celebrities endorsing creams and pills. Here are the countries in Africa where women risk it all to have lighter skin:
Standing tall on the number one list is Nigeria, the West African country with over 180 million people. The country not only tops Africa but tops the worldwide list with 77% of its female population practising skin bleaching. Day in and out, several socialites are making millions through the bleaching products they sell online. While others stick to creams which are cheaper, several others who can afford it are taking pills or going for cosmetic surgeries to lighten their tone. In November 2018, African-American socialite Blacc Chyna visited the country to promote a new skin bleaching cream produced in partnership with Whitenicious by Dencia.
In general, Francophone Africa is dealing with serious skin bleaching crises. A quick look on the bleaching products on the African market and one realizes that several are coming in from Togo, Cameroon, Congo, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. However, the World Health Organization report indicates that 59% of the female population in Togo are practising skin bleaching. Using traditional and harmful means, several women in Togo have contracted severe skin disorders, cancers and have even died out of the desire for a lighter skin tone.
South Africa
In a country where there is much more technological advancement, it is no surprise that South Africa makes the list. The country has 35 per cent of its black women surrendering to the need for lighter skin and thus purchasing bleaching products of all kind. The country has, over the past few years, also seen a rise in the use of cosmetic surgeries to lighten their skin.
One of the top fashion secrets in Senegal is to have lighter skin to complement your character and find men crawling at your feet. Since 2015, the country has seen a rise in the number of bleaching creams that flood the market from other countries like Mali and Ivory Coast. In 2017, Senegalese cosmetic doctors appealed to the government to ban bleaching products with concerns that the number of women suffering from skin diseases related to bleaching has increased.
Mali is the 5th highest recorder of skin bleaching cases in Africa. The growing trend, although harmful, is slowly catching up with men, leaving the government very worried. The country is also known for producing illegal creams that find their way into the West African country.

Although these African countries top the list, countries such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, Congo, Kenya, and Rwanda are seeing a drastic increase in the patronage of skin bleaching creams. In the next few years, Ghana is likely to join the top 5 list.

Desperate plea for mixed race donor to save life of boy, 7, with rare disease.

A seven-year-old boy is making a desperate plea to find a mixed race donor match for a life-saving bone marrow transplant. Asaya Bullock was born with a rare autoimmune disease, IPEX syndrome, which can be life-threatening in early childhood.The only cure is thought to be a bone marrow transplant from a matching donor - and although Asaya has been on the registry for most of his life, he hasn't yet found a match.Asaya's dad is African-American and his mum is Caribbean, but the registry is not representative of his ethnicity, ABC News reports.He and his family, from new York, are on a time sensitive search for a match. Asaya's mum Asaya Bullock told Good Morning America: "It's like a miracle that Asaya is still alive because the doctors only gave him two years to live."He was sick a lot and as [his] parents, we didn't know what was wrong with him."Little Asaya ha suffered from body aches and pains, memory loss, and stomach issues. He is in school but gets tired quickly because of his immune system.
The Be The Match website says: "If you could offer hope to someone dying from cancer, would you?"Joining the Be The Match Registry means volunteering to be listed as a potential blood stem cell donor, ready to save the life of any patient in need of a transplant. You could be someone’s cure. You could literally save a life."

Woman Gives Birth In McDonald's Car Park Then Orders A Quarter Pounder.

When you're in the last stages of your pregnancy, it can be a pretty nervy time - because the baby could come at any time. If you're in an awkward situation, you need to act fast to make sure mum and baby get through it okay. Well, one woman found that out the hard way when her waters broke while she was in the car with her husband. But they weren't on their way to the shops or having a nice Sunday drive, they were in the car park of a Melbourne McDonald's. They called 000 but realised it might be a bit of a wait, the woman sent her husband in to get the essentials: a quarter pounder. Nothing worse than going into labour on an empty stomach. Licensee Ainsley Shillington told Daily Mail Australia: "During our lunch rush, he asked for an order for his wife who was delivering a baby in the car park."We served the customer as quickly as possible with drinks and a dinner box and he proceeded on his way. The crew at the time were quite concerned."Everyone thought it was quite fun to have such an occurrence in the car park, when they saw the ambulance in attendance they knew they were well and truly looked after."She said the husband appeared pretty frazzled when he came in; understandable really when your wife is preparing to give birth in your car outside. Thankfully it didn't take too long for emergency services to arrive to take the woman and her husband to the hospital - albeit with the quarter pounder still in hand. Talk about a bloody good Happy Meal. The same can't be said for a Glasgow woman who woke up one morning without knowing she was pregnant at all and found herself giving birth 45 minutes later. She didn't have a bump and hadn't had her period - which she put down to being on the pill at the time. She told the Scottish Daily Record: "I hadn't taken a pregnancy test, I had no symptoms, nothing."The doctors couldn't explain why I didn't have a bump. They just told me that she must have been sitting in my lower back and that it is quite common."Thankfully she gave birth to a healthy girl - and mum and baby were doing just fine too.

Dog Owner Shocked To Discover Her Dane Has 70 Teeth.

Adopting a dog is a great thing to do, and in most cases, both the dog and the new owner are left off much happier as a result. But one woman in the US was landed with a $770 (£609) veterinary bill just two months after she adopted a Great Dane after it was discovered she had 70 teeth - around 28 more than is normal for the breed. Aurora Rutledge, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, took Loki - who is believed to be one-year-old - to the vets for a routine check-up earlier this week. But the checkup turned out to be far from routine, and both the vet and Aurora were shocked by the toothy discovery in the pooches mouth. Loki subsequently had to have 21 teeth removed and he is now back home recovering on a soft food diet. Aurora, a 31-year-old bar owner, said: "I had taken him to our local vet as a routine checkup since he was a new rescue and mentioned to the doctor that the people we got him from mentioned that he may have retained baby teeth."Loki is a giant puppy and is very energetic - so I hadn't had a chance to look inside his mouth myself beforehand.
"When we did get a chance to have a little look we could see he had more than normal, but we didn't think he'd have 70 teeth in there!"The vet administered dental extraction onto Loki and removed 21 of his teeth, leaving him with 49 - which is still seven more than average."It was something that massively shocked us, but we're just so glad that he is home and recovering now," Aurora explained that her doggo Loki was diagnosed with an extreme case of hypodontia. She said: "Hyperdontia is a genetic anomaly, but it is never usually seen to such an extreme as this."The vet cannot rule out that he may have this as a result of poor breeding - so the rescue we got him from is working hard to track down his breeder to hopefully stop something as painful as this happening again."The night of and the morning after the procedure was rough - he bled all over my couches, rug, kitchen, dog bed, me."We had to give him a medication to make him sleepy, so he wouldn't be up and around."Right now he's still on soft food and transitioning him to more solid kibble slowly."After this, as far as dental goes, hopefully after all is healed, he will not even notice he had so many additional teeth!"We will make sure he has his routine dental checks, especially since they did leave seven more teeth than average."Despite having to chew down the big bill, Aurora insisted that you can't put a price on the love of a dog. She said: "Rescuing dogs is not always easy - you often run up giant vet bills, but the animals are so worth it."Loki just snuggles in, and you know he feels safe, you can't put a price on that."We wish bad breeding practices would be stopped."Until they are, adopting is the only way we will attain our dogs."Good on ya' Aurora and get well soon Loki.

Girl Born With Too Many Fingers Has Extra Digits Surgically Removed.

A girl who was born with extra fingers on each of her hands has undergone surgery to correct the birth defect. The three-year-old Chinese girl, who is unidentified, was born with several extra thumb-like digits on her hands. That's 14 fingers in total, according to the doctor who operated on her. According to local reports, she is part of the fifth generation of her family to have extra digits. Although it's a recurring condition, it is thought that her family have always been too poor to have treatment. Now, however, this young girl has had life-altering surgery to remove the extra digits. The youngster was treated at the Central Hospital of Shenyang Medical College, which is situated in China's northeastern Liaoning province. Following the procedure, doctors expect the girl to have normal development, as well as having no effect on the function or appearance of her hands.
The hand surgery specialist who performed the operation is called Dr Zhan Jie. After the procedure was performed, he said: "The girl had two extra fingers on each hand - quite a rare patient."The surgery was complicated by the fact that the fingers we wanted to keep and those we wanted to remove weren't clear and obvious."On top of removing the extra fingers, they also inserted metal rods in order to straighten the fingers and redirect the bone growth in the remaining thumbs.
Dr Zhan continued: "Besides removing the extra digits, we also needed to make corrections to the angle.""It's been a month since the operation. She came back after two weeks to have her sutures removed."Both we and the patient's family are satisfied with the appearance of her hands."Well, everything seems to have gone pretty well so far, although the medics didn't say whether further surgery might be necessary. Following the surgery, the doctors have not only managed to correct the child's fingers but also to remove any potential stigma related to her condition that could have affected her throughout her childhood. Having extra digits, known professionally as polydactylism, affects one in every 500 newborn babies around the world. Patients in the developed world are often more likely to have them removed in infancy. However, in developing nations that are less common. Luckily, in this case, the young girl managed to get the surgery she needed.

Chocolate Digestive Named Greatest Biscuit Of All Time On National Biscuit Day.

You're sat at your nan's house with a brew in your hand, a plate piled high with biscuits on the coffee table before you. It's the dream set-up, but also one that's filled with pressure. The old dear's done well - as always - ensuring there's a biscuit for just about every taste and preference. However, this also means there's a difficult choice to be made. You could start off with something neutral before working your way up to the sweeter stuff, but you can't guarantee the exciting ones will still be there when you want them. Rather than phoning a friend (which would be weird) you should probably just ask the audience - who, it turns out, have already spoken - having voted the humble chocolate digestive as the greatest biscuit of all time.

Netflix Threatens To Boycott Production In Georgia If Abortion Ban Passes.

Netflix has said that it would 'rethink' its investment in Georgia if the state's proposed abortion ban comes in. Thanks to Georgia's 30 per cent tax break, which was introduced in 2008 to attract TV and film production companies, the streaming giant uses the state extensively for location filming. Netflix films TV shows Ozark and Stranger Things in Georgia. Films including The Avengers, Black Panther, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire were also filmed in the state. Last year, more than 92,000 jobs and over $9 billion was brought to the area through the tax incentive. Chief content officer of Netflix, Ted Sarandos made a statement to Variety about the company's plans to fight the ban. He said: "We have many women working on productions in Georgia, whose rights, along with millions of others, will be severely restricted by this law."It's why we will work with the ACLU and others to fight it in court. Given the legislation has not yet been implemented, we'll continue to film there, while also supporting partners and artists who choose not to."Should it ever come into effect, we'd rethink our entire investment in Georgia."Georgia is the next in a line of US states that have considered introducing new abortion restrictions after Alabama and Kentucky both passed the controversial laws. Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill earlier this month to effectively ban all abortions after six weeks - although most women don't even know they are pregnant in this time. One of the main points of the bill that has caused anger is that even if women fell pregnant through rape or incest - they still wouldn't be exempt from the law. Netflix has made a very powerful point with the statement, as such an economic loss is much more likely to sway the opinions of governors and lawmakers in the state. And even if Netflix made a U-turn on its decision, should the ban go through, Ozark actor Jason Bateman has already said that he 'will not work' in Georgia if it does. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: "If the 'heartbeat bill' makes it through the court system, I will not work in Georgia, or any other state, that is so disgracefully at odds with women's rights."In the event of other actors and companies following in the footsteps of Bateman and Netflix, the ban could have a very serious impact on Georgia's economy.

Loads Of Women Have A Freckle In Exact Same Place.

So, here's something weird from the Internet today - it turns out a load of women have a little freckle in exactly the same place, the centre of the wrist. Thousands of women have responded to a post on Twitter asking about a freckle on their wrist, with many claiming they hadn't even noticed it until they spotted the post. It all kicked off when a Twitter user named Aaryn Whitley innocently posted asking: "Ladies... you got a freckle on the middle of your wrist or is this a myth?"She shared a photo of four wrists all with a freckle in the same place. Her post quickly went viral and has racked up almost 30,000 comments - many from women sharing their own freckle photos and others questioning why they all have them. In response, one woman said she was 'lowkey freaking out' after seeing so many women with the same marks, while another said it was 'wild'.One hopeful freckle-owner added that they were 'magical', while another asked, 'OK, but why do we all have this?'Although not quite a scientific study, I've just asked three women who I happen to be sat near and they all have them. Weird, eh? Not to knock the findings of the original post, but of the four guys, I asked three had them, too. So, what causes them? Well, freckles are caused by exposure to the sun, which is why people are often frecklier after being outside in the sunshine than they are in the winter - unlike moles, freckles aren't raised, according to Nivea. They are not genetic per se, but, usually, if other members of your family get 'em, you will, too. They normally develop in childhood and may disappear as you get older or they might stick around and make an interesting Twitter moment in the future. Why so many women seem to have them in the same spot is anyone's guess. Maybe it's due to the fact wrists would often be out in the sunshine and would naturally become freckled? Or perhaps it's a mark of an alien sub-species poised to take over the world any day now?

New €100 and €200 banknotes are now in circulation

New €100 and €200 banknotes are officially in circulation as of today, Tuesday 28 May 2019. The European Central Bank confirmed the introduction, highlighting the "new and innovative" security features associated with the banknotes. The notes will adopt a "feel, look and tilt" method and a satellite hologram with an enhanced emerald number to make the banknotes more resistant to counterfeiting. At the top of the silvery stripe, a satellite hologram shows small € symbols that move around the number when the banknote is tilted and become clearer under direct light. The silvery stripe also shows a portrait of Europa, the architectural motif and a large € symbol. The new €100 and €200 banknotes also feature an enhanced emerald number. The new €100 and €200 notes are now the same height as the €50 banknote, which makes them easier to handle and process by machines. They will also fit better in people’s wallets and last longer, as they will be subject to less wear and tear. According to the European Central Bank, the €100 is the third most widely used euro banknote, after the €50 and the €20.
"The demand for €100 and €200 banknotes is increasing, at an annual rate of 7.6% for the €100 and 8.6% for the €200," notes the ECB."The €100 and €200 banknotes of the first series, like all the other denominations, will remain legal tender."They will continue to circulate alongside the new notes and will be gradually withdrawn from circulation."

Brazilian bodybuilder risks his life by injecting himself with OIL to boost his biceps.

A Brazilian bodybuilder is risking his life by injecting oil into his biceps but continues to boost them to 23 inches. Valdir Segato, in his early 50s, has been using Synthol injections for years despite risking strokes and infections to produce hulking biceps, pectorals and back muscles. Segato, from Sao Paulo, is inspired by the physiques of Arnold Schwarzenegger and fictional characters like The Hulk and is proud to be known locally as 'the monster' in the street. Three years ago he was warned he faced amputation, but nerve damage and muscle disfigurement are at the minor scale of lethal health risks he faces. 
Segato, a construction worker, said in 2016: 'They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man all the time and I like that. I've doubled my biceps but I still want to be bigger.' Today he proudly posts images and videos to social media, calling himself 'Valdir Synthol' on Instagram. As a youth he was an emaciated skinny drug addict and lost so much weight he was known as 'Skinny Dog'.He previously stated: 'I got involved with drugs and I started losing weight because you don't eat, you lead a wrong life.' Segato quit drugs and joined a gym but he wanted more extreme effects than he could achieve from exercise alone. He was offered synthol by someone in the gym and, having an addictive personality, soon became hooked on the muscle-enhancing substance.
Many bodybuilders swerve the lengthy list of side effects posed by anabolic steroids by opting for synthol, but the oil also poses great risks. According to Europe PubMed Central: 'The side effects of synthol are manifold and they can also cause damage of nerves, oil embolic of the pulmonary, occlusion of the pulmonary artery, myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke and infectious complications.' The injections are comprised of 85 per cent oil - often sesame oil is used - 7.5 per cent lidocaine, a painkiller, and 7.5 per cent alcohol, used to sterilise the concoction. In addition, the results are purely cosmetic and do not make Segato any stronger. Three years ago he was warned his continued use could result in amputation.
His friend Fernando Carvalho da Silva, said back then: 'The oil thing is stupidity. He thinks it's good and I'm a friend so I stay quiet, but deep down I want to tell him to stop but he doesn't want to. He's happy like that.' It's the risk he takes - he wants to look good and wants to be famous.' Segato said at the time: 'The doctors tell me to stop it, the advice they give me is to stop using. But it's my decision to use it because I want to because I like to.'

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