The most terrifying case of head lice ever.

A toe-curling video showing a man's hairline crawling with thousands of head lice has been posted online.

Is this the new Grumpy Cat?

A Persian cat that constantly looks angry is being dubbed the new 'Grumpy Cat' by his social media followers.

Moment Mount Etna erupts and shoots jets of lava and volcanic ash into the air.

Moment a military father dressed as a mascot surprises his SIX emotional kids at school.

The children of a returning military dad were treated to a heart-warming surprise at a school assembly in this video.

Mum nearly lost finger after nail salon's 'dirty' equipment caused huge growth.

A new mum almost lost part of her finger after being cut by a nail technician's 'dirty' equipment. 

Teen 'needed acid attack victim treatment after makeup remover BURNT eye green'.

A teenager has said she was left looking like a comic book villain after claiming a makeup remover burnt her eye. 

This man's stunning America's Got Talent audition left people shocked.

It's easy to be cynical but if you're looking for something that's bound to improve your mood, Kodi Lee's recent audition on America's Got Talent is just the thing.

World’s smallest surviving baby released from hospital in San Diego.

The world’s smallest baby ever to survive has been released from the hospital in San Diego as a healthy and happy infant, a little under five months after being born.

People Spot Funny Detail On Mum's Photo With Baby Boy.

A mum has shared a candid snap with her two-week-old baby boy, has been enjoying some post-shower skin-to-skin contact.

Dog Becomes Foster Dad To Six Orphaned Ducklings.

A loving Labrador who hit headlines last year after adopting nine ducklings is now back touching hearts across the nation with six new fledgelings to look after.

Pilot Christiaan van Heijst captures dramatic snap of Northern Lights.

Boeing 747 pilot Christiaan van Heijst has captured this amazing photo of the Northern Lights and the moon.

5 African countries where women bleach their skin to look white.

It’s true what they say: “the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice”, but the popular phrase, that has so many times been used to appreciate black women and their skin, hasn’t quite yet made a mark in the beauty and entertainment industry, especially in Africa.

Desperate plea for mixed race donor to save life of boy, 7, with rare disease.

A seven-year-old boy is making a desperate plea to find a mixed-race donor match for a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

Woman Gives Birth In McDonald's Car Park Then Orders A Quarter Pounder.

When you're in the last stages of your pregnancy, it can be a pretty nervy time - because the baby could come at any time.

Dog Owner Shocked To Discover Her Dane Has 70 Teeth.

Adopting a dog is a great thing to do, and in most cases, both the dog and the new owner are left off much happier as a result.

Girl Born With Too Many Fingers Has Extra Digits Surgically Removed.

A girl who was born with extra fingers on each of her hands has undergone surgery to correct the birth defect.

Chocolate Digestive Named Greatest Biscuit Of All Time On National Biscuit Day.

You're sat at your nan's house with a brew in your hand, a plate piled high with

Netflix Threatens To Boycott Production In Georgia If Abortion Ban Passes.

Netflix has said that it would 'rethink' its investment in Georgia if the state's proposed abortion ban comes in.

Loads Of Women Have A Freckle In Exact Same Place.

So, here's something weird from the Internet today it turns out a load of women have a little freckle in exactly the same place, the centre of the wrist.

New €100 and €200 banknotes are now in circulation

New €100 and €200 banknotes are officially in circulation as of today, Tuesday 28 May 2019.

Brazilian bodybuilder risks his life by injecting himself with OIL to boost his biceps.

A Brazilian bodybuilder is risking his life by injecting oil into his biceps but continues to boost them to 23 inches. Valdir Segato, in his early 50s, has been using Synthol injections for years despite risking strokes and infections to produce hulking biceps, pectorals and back muscles.

Sea turns red with blood as pod of 200 pilot whales and 40 dolphins are slaughtered .

Villagers on a remote Atlantic island turned the sea red with blood when they slaughtered nearly 250 whales and dolphins as the animals migrated north for the summer.

Boy calmly plays on a swing while the neighbouring house goes up in flames behind him.

A boy has calmly enjoyed swinging on a playset as a neighbouring house burns to the ground. The short clip shows the child rocking back and forth on the swing as the property is engulfed in flames in Noyabrsk, central Russia. Behind him, a small crowd, including a few other children, gather just a short distance away from the house and watch the inferno. The boy appears unfazed by the fire behind him and continues to gain momentum on the swing. Toward the end of the video, the boy slightly turns to see the blaze, but he does not get off the swing and does not look worried. Some users commented on his indifference to the disaster behind him, including one who said: 'It's not even a mega-calm, it's scary, insensitive.' But there were quite a few who defended the child including local Tatyana Arye who wrote: 'And so what?! I also looked at this fire today and went on to go about my business. So the child looked and went to rock. And what was he supposed to do?' While Anna Akishina praised the boy for seizing the moment, including one who said: 'Man takes the opportunity. Since everyone is looking at the fire, the swings are free.' Meanwhile on Twitter others applauded him for his calmness during the fire. Maxim Fomin tweeted: 'A good boy with a strong psyche. Goes far in our difficult times. In Russia, it is very useful to remain imperturbable.' Some even suggested he would make a good test pilot in the future. During the fire, the building's structure partially collapsed, there was also a threat of flame spreading to the neighbouring properties. But firemen at the scene managed to defend nearby homes, according to local media reports.

Gogglebox star elected as Ireland's 'first black female councillor'.

A COUNCILLOR IN Meath has made history after being elected as the first black woman to a local authority in Ireland.

What to Do If Your Phone Gets Lost or Stolen.

For many of us, it’s as if our whole lives are on our phones.

How to be save from IRL (In Real Life) Attacks.

Obviously, attacks on women don’t just happen online. Often attacks spill over to the real world, with perpetrators using technology to help them stalk and abuse their victims.

Online Dating and Sexual Harassment.

Kylie* had been chatting with Marco* for about a month after having connected on OkCupid, but they hadn’t yet met in person.

Harassment at Work:LinkedIn

Harassment at Work. Unfortunately, abuse is also prevalent in work environments.

Harassment on Social Media:Instagram and SnapChat.

Photos were not the only thing that changed when Instagram started in 2010 and SnapChat in 2012.

Harassment on Social Media:Facebook

Rachel didn’t think much of it when during a routine Facebook scroll she clicked that she was interested in attending a concert by one of her favourite bands.

Harassment on Social Media:Twitter.

The majority of online harassment takes place on social media, which makes sense given how much time most of us spend on these platforms.

The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women.

Have you ever been harassed in the street? Received a crass message on a dating app? Had a coworker made a comment about your appearance that just didn’t sit right?
You’re not alone.

Millionaire rebuilds boy's home after seeing him do homework under lamp post on street.

A millionaire provided life-changing gifts to a child who went viral after being photographed doing his homework under a lamp post.

Dad stunned after intruder breaks into house - and CLEANS every room.

A stunned dad returned home to find it had been broken into and the intruder had cleaned almost every room including giving the toilet a good scrub.

Missing yoga instructor found ALIVE after 16 days surviving off plants in forest.

A yoga instructor who went missing in a Hawaiian forest more than two weeks ago has been found safe and sound.

Disfigured girl who suffered hateful abuse about her appearance dies aged 10.

A 10-year-old girl whose severe disfigurement made her a constant target of hateful abuse has passed away.

Peru earthquake: Huge magnitude 8 tremor strikes near major city.

A huge magnitude 8 earthquake has struck in northern Peru the biggest in the world so far this year.

7 Famous Fountains Overflowing with Beauty Around the World.

Famous Fountains Around the World
If you want to take in the art and culture of a city, you might make your way to its most popular museums. On top of these indoor institutions, exploring en plein air art is a great way to experience a city’s creative side. Popular outdoor destinations include verdant gardens, historic squares, and spectacular fountains.

Holland’s Largest “Flower Stream” Garden Bursts with 7 Million Colorful Blooms.

Each year when spring arrives, one of the world’s largest flower gardens opens its doors to visitors, allowing millions to soak in its beauty.

97-year-old Huang Yung-fu is known as “Rainbow Grandpa” for the colorful paintings he has created in his village.

Rainbow Grandpa - Taiwan

A little over 10 years ago, a then-86-year-old Huang Yung-fu faced a dilemma. The Taiwanese government was threatening to knock down his village, as he was the last remaining resident, in attempts to build a more modern apartment complex.

Naomi Campbell: 'Africa is very rich in so many ways and has been so untapped'.

Image result for Naomi Campbell: 'Africa is very rich in so many ways and has been so untapped'
Decades after making her name on the most-watched runways of Paris and Milan, supermodel Naomi Campbell has decamped for new ground: Lagos, Nigeria.

World's biggest cave is even bigger than we thought.

Hang Son Doong 1Watch-Out-For-Dinosaurs-Sunbeam

Thanks to discoveries made during a recent expedition in Vietnam, it appears the world's largest cave, Son Doong, is even bigger than previously thought.

Ghana's floating village is trying to balance its ancient traditions in a modern world.

With stilt structures over water and houses built from branches of raffia palm, Nzulezo in Jomoro district of western Ghana could pass for a less elaborate version of Venice, Italy.

Irish father-of-two found dead after reaching Mount Everest summit

He passed away in his tent in the early hours of this morning. An Irish man has died during a Mount Everest expedition.

Having fresh flowers in your home is good for your health.

Whether you get them as a gift or get them for yourself there's nothing more lovely than putting fresh flowers in a vase and leaving them on the kitchen table or in your room.

Thieves Rob Nigerian Man Of Phone, Stab Him & Update Attack On His Facebook Page.

A gang of thieves, who robbed a Nigerian man in the early hours of today, have taken to his Facebook page to post updates on the attack.

Theresa May resignation.

May’s mention of her move to establish the independent inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire has been criticised by Emma Dent Coad, the Labour MP for Kensington.

Goodbye - and good riddance - to the school run after 30 years.

End of the road: Barbara Scully will have no more school-runs now her youngest is finishing school. Photo: Colin O'Riordan
Dear Daughters, back in September 1991 I took you, my eldest, for your first day at school.

Parents forget newborn baby in taxi on way home from hospital!

NEW parents got the fright of their lives in Germany after accidentally forgetting their newborn in the taxi taking them home from the hospital.

Washington becomes first US state to allow composting of human bodies.

Related image
Washington has become the first state in the US to approve composting as an alternative to burying or cremating human remains.

'Intimate' service to mark Manchester bombing anniversary.

Families of the victims of the Manchester bombing will mark the second anniversary of the attack with a low-key memorial service in the city later.

Cristiano Ronaldo in embarrassing trophy blunder as he wins Serie A best player award.

Cristiano Ronaldo has swept all before him in Serie A this season, but he showed that he is still human after suffering an awkward gaffe with the player of the year trophy. Ronaldo, who finished the campaign with 21 goals and 8 assists in 31 appearances, won the award after helping Juventus to an eighth Serie A crown in a row.

Police Investigate ‘Fake Psychologist’ Who Treated Hundreds in Virginia.

A Virginia woman has been arrested after allegedly pretending to be a licensed psychologist in Stafford County and unlawfully treating hundreds of patients.