Wicked Father Disfigures Son’s Jaw With Hot Knife For Stealing Meat From The Pot.

A man who married a second wife brutally disfigured his son’s face with a hot knife for stealing meat from the pot in Cross River State.

Nigerian Pastor Seen Tearing Newspaper & Turning it into Money in Church.

A Nigerian pastor in Ebonyi State left his congregation dazed after he was seen performing money miracle during a church service.

Lagos Shuts Chinese Firm Where 14-Year Old Boy Was Electrocuted.

The Lagos State Safety Commission on Wednesday shut down a Chinese firm, Cheng-Fa Nigeria Limited over poor safety standard after a 14-year old boy was electrocuted as he was operating a machine.

Helicopter Picks Nigerian Billionaire Who Got Stucked In A Traffic Along Lagos.

There is a trending video going online shows the moment a helicopter arrived to pick a VIP who was stuck in traffic for hours.

Students Spotted Struggling To Walk Home On A Flooded Lagos Street.

A sad photo of primary school and secondary school students struggling in the aftermath of a heavy downpour in Lagos has surfaced on social media.

12 people sustain injuries as building collapses in Lagos.

No less than twelve people have been said to have sustained injuries after a three-storey building that was under construction collapsed in Fagba area of Lagos state on Wednesday night, June 26.

Western Europe Set To Be Hit By Hottest Heatwave Since 2003.

If you're heading to Europe on your jollies this year, then you may want to read this, as holidaymakers are being warned to brace themselves for a heatwave.

San Francisco Becomes The First US City To Ban E-Cigarette Products.

San Francisco has become the first city in the United States to ban e-cigarettes until further research is done on its potential health effects.

A French Inventor Is Selling Pills That Make Farts Smell Nice.

A French company claims to have invented a pill that can make your farts smell nice. Yep, we all know someone who could use that, right?

Mum's Amazing Reflexes Saved Her Son's Life As He Fell Off Balcony.

A mother was caught on CCTV saving her son's life thanks to her unbelievably quick reaction. In the split second, before her little boy fell from a fourth-floor balcony, she managed to grab his leg and pull him to safety, saving his life in the process.

Popular YouTuber Desmond 'Etika' Amofah Found Dead.

Police have now confirmed the death of popular gaming YouTuber Desmond "Etika" Amofah after his body was discovered in Manhattan's East River earlier in the week.

Hiding Suspect Falls Through Ceiling Onto Police Officers.

Footage has emerged of a man falling through the ceiling of a house, right on to the police officers trying to find him suspect was reportedly hiding from police in the attic of a house, but stepped on a weak spot in the ceiling and fell through, with his leg dangling above one of the officers who was looking for him.

Mum Left With Third Degree Burns After Hot Water Bottle Explodes .

A woman has been left with third-degree burns after a hot water bottle exploded in her bed, having completely scalded her lower back, bum and hands with the boiling water.

Woman Who Died For 27 Minutes Says She Saw Heaven.

A woman in the US wrote an eerie note to her family saying she had been to heaven after she died for 27 minutes before being resuscitated. Tina Hines, from Phoenix, Arizona, went into cardiac arrest in February 2018 as she and her husband Brian were getting ready to go on a hike.

Ongoing African traditions that Christianity is still fighting against.

My senior colleague attended a church ceremony recently, where a baby was being christened.

Zambian woman with incredibly long hair twice her height seeks Guinness World Record.

Most people may have read about Asha Mandela, the Florida woman and native of Trinidad-Tobago who has earned the name “Black Rapunzel” for owning the Guinness World Record for “World’s Longest Dreadlocks.

Mum Banned From Every Asda Store After £16 'Self-Scanning Machine Mistake'.

A mum has been banned from every Asda supermarket in the UK after failing to pay for the £16 worth of items.

Live Rat Falls From Ceiling In Chicken Wings Restaurant.

A woman in a Los Angeles restaurant found herself with an unwelcome dining companion after a live rat fell from the ceiling above her head.

McDonald's Confirms It Will Stop Using Plastic Lids For McFlurry Packaging.

McDonald's has announced that it will be removing plastic lids from its McFlurrypackaging in all UK restaurants from September.

Man working as a bartender sheds FIVE STONE in six months after bet.

A former bartender has revealed how he shed five stone in six months and sculpted an enviable six-pack after his weight escalated during university.

Kelvin-Helmholtz waves spotted above Virginia mountain .

A Virginia woman captured a stunning cloud formation above Smith Mountain, resembling a famous painting by Van Gogh.

Boys grit their teeth through 'Circumcision Season' in the Philippines.

A row of boys lying on newsprint-covered tables howl in pain and grit their teeth as part of 'circumcision season' in the Philippines when thousands of youngsters suffer through the procedure en masse.

Man Thinks He's Filmed Jesus Floating In The Sky.

At one time or another, we've all seen something a bit strange in the sky.

Woman falls asleep on flight and wakes up in dark, empty and locked plane.

An Air Canada passenger said she was left terrified after waking up alone on a pitch-black, locked plane.

Firefighters smash car window to rescue crying 18-month-old.

A toddler was dramatically rescued from a hot car after being left alone for more than an hour in scorching temperatures.

Belgium’s hand-shaped chocolates will insult to victims of Leopold II’s genocide in Congo.

It is no secret today, the atrocities committed by the King of the Belgians, Leopold II, who ruled from 1865 to 1909, and the one responsible for the maiming and killing of an undetermined number of Congolese a country he considered his personal property including their lands and minerals.

Jailed Nigerians Decry Killings, Organ Harvesting in Chinese Prisons.

Civil society groups in Nigeria are calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to investigate claims by Nigerians jailed in China of mysterious deaths and organ trafficking in Chinese prisons. During a civil society forum held in Lagos, Nigeria, Osemene Osita, the executive director of civil rights group Patriotic Citizen Initiatives, revealed that they have been receiving numerous complaints from Nigerians serving jail terms in China.

UK Man Loses Hearing, Almost Dies After Using Cotton Swab to Clean His Ears.

Don’t clean your ears with a cotton swab. Just don’t do it.

Mom Whispers to Santa That Son Is ‘Blind and Autistic,’ and His Response Is Amazing.

(Photo courtesy of Misty Wolf)
Santa Claus is the embodiment of Christmas cheer for many a young boy or girl.

Bride 'gutted' after bridesmaid secretly shares photo of her wedding dress .

A bride-to-be has described her upset at her bridesmaid sharing a photo of her in her wedding dress without her permission.

'World's Hottest Marine' Shannon Ihrke Says Modeling Is as Hard as the Military.

Not only does this model look great posing as a Marine, but she’s also great at being one in real life. The “World’s Hottest Marine” Shannon Ihrke has got it all brains, brawn and beauty.“I love modelling just like I love the Marine Corps," the 30-year-old Minnesota native told InsideEdition.com.

New Species Of Cat Discovered.

A new species of cat has been discovered on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. The cat-fox cross looks like a slightly larger domestic cat but has now been given scientific recognition as its own distinct species. There are reportedly just 16 of the cats on the island, so now wildlife experts are attempting to make them a protected species.

Central Park Five: The true story behind When They See Us.

One spring evening in 1989, a group of around 30 teenagers were hanging out in Central Park, New York. Some of them were causing serious trouble - including badly hurting others in the park and harassing homeless people.

Dad Superglues His Hands To Daughter's School Gates In Protest.

The father of a teenage girl sent home from school for wearing an earring launched himself into a pretty unusual protest having glued his hands to the front gates of the academy.

Here are the world’s richest rappers of 2019.

Shortly after declaring Jay-Z as hip-hop’s first billionaire, Forbes has released the list of this year’s richest rappers as they predict who will be the next billionaire in the rap world.

Woman Transforms Herself Into 'Blue Eyes White Dragon' With Fangs.

A 24-year-old woman has shown off her brand new fangs as part of her transformation into the 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon'.

£2.8m cannabis factory found after police notice strong smell.

A 2,000-strong cannabis factory growing in a derelict Bingo Hall has been uncovered by police.

Japanese grandfather, 84, becomes an unlikely influencer with 90K followers.

An 84-year-old man has become an unlikely street style influencer after his grandson overhauled his wardrobe.

Girl hospitalised after 100 undigested bubble tea balls found in her stomach.

A girl was hospitalised after 100 undigested bubble tea balls were found in her stomach. The 14-year-old had been complaining of stomach cramps when her parents brought her to Zhuji People's Hospital in Zhejiang Province, China.

Fast Food Restaurant Employee Sacked For Bathing In Kitchen Sink.

Taking a bath at work is not ordinarily the done thing.

Tanzania’s latest weapon against women is to slap 25% tax on wigs, hair extensions.

Once again, Tanzanian women have become the target of certain unpopular decisions by the Magufuli administration following the latest move to impose a tax on wigs and hair extensions.

Woman records LAPD holding unarmed black man at gunpoint in viral video .

In a now-viral video, police officers in Los Angeles can be seen pointing their guns at a young, unarmed black man who is kneeling on the curb at the side of a road.

Netflix's latest true crime documentary series examines the most brutal murders in Spanish history.

Netflix is heading to Spain for its latest original documentary series, which will investigate The Alcàsser Murders.

Lab-Grown Meat Will Overtake Plants by 2040.

Cultured meat could overtake plant-based alternatives like Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger as early as 2040, according to a new report.

Baby ripped out of pregnant woman's belly dies two months after mum's murder.

A baby boy ripped from his mother's womb has died two months after her murder. Yadiel Lopez was cut from his 19-year-old mum's stomach after she was allegedly strangled by Clarisa Figueroa in Chicago, US.

Girl hospitalised after 100 undigested bubble tea balls found in her stomach.

A girl was hospitalised after 100 undigested bubble tea balls were found in her stomach. 

Woman Marries Man She Only Met Online 10 Months Ago, Discovers He’s a Millionaire.

A couple had only known each other for 10 months when they decided to get married.

Cocaine users risk faces rotting away as ruthless gangs blend drug with de-wormer.

Cocaine users are at risk of their faces rotting away as ruthless gangs are 'cutting' drugs with de-worming chemicals for farm animals.

It's National Blood Week And You're Probably Eligible To Donate.

This week is National Blood Week, a campaign to raise awareness about donation and encourage people to sign up to become donors.

Girl Born With Too Many Fingers Has Extra Digits Surgically Removed.

A girl who was born with extra fingers on each of her hands has undergone surgery to correct the birth defect.

Would You Try Marijuana Gum For Pain Relief?

Marijuana is now legal in 29 states. You know it’s for medical use, right? The information was confirmed by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

Tyson Fury says Anthony Joshua is 'finished' after Andy Ruiz Jr defeat.

Tyson Fury believes former world champion Anthony Joshua is "finished" after his shock defeat by Andy Ruiz Jr. Joshua, 29, gave up his IBF, WBA and WBO titles in a seventh-round stoppage loss to Ruiz in New York on 1 June.

Yoga skin is the summer's hottest beauty trend, and it couldn't be easier to achieve.

A new season means new and exciting things. From fashion to beauty, we have no doubt summer 2019 is going to be full of glorious things to obsess over.

Flight delayed after a woman thought the emergency exit was a toilet.

On Saturday, a flight from Manchester was delayed for over seven hours when a confused passenger opened an emergency exit after mistaking it for a toilet.Yep.

College Students Make New Hands for Boy Badly Burned in Crash That Killed His Dad.

For a 10-year-old boy, Julian Reynoso has suffered great loss: His father, his 7-year-old sister, his 6-month-old brother and nine of his fingers.

Teen Blames Hot Wings for Why He Was Driving Over 100 MPH.

Cops could not believe their ears when they heard a Canadian teenager's excuse for driving at 105 mph.

Woman Raises Money to Pay Off High School Students' Debts so They Can Graduate.

Inspired by Billionaire Robert F. Smith’s recent announcement that he'd be wiping out student debt for Morehouse College’s 2019 graduating class, Season Bennett thought to herself how can she pitch in? Bennett owns Headlines Barbershop in North Carolina with her husband, Derrick.