Bee sentenced to death by UK government escapes.

A rare bee that was sentenced to death by the UK government because it posed a threat to British species has escaped.

Love Island fans are convinced they know which couple is going to be dumped.

In Friday night's episode, the Islanders were told they had to secretly select the least compatible couple. After a lot of deliberation, it was revealed that Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard had received two votes; and so did Ovie Soko and India Reynolds.

Driver rams man into pole after fight that saw woman hit car with shoe.

A man was carried on the front of a car and dumped into a lamp post in a hit and run being investigated by police.

Mother of two who made £34 million from greeting cards.


So, Sara Davies, newest and youngest Dragon on the BBC’s long-running business beauty contest, Dragons’ Den, is it really your money you’re spending when, on the basis of a pitch lasting barely longer than an hour, by people who are strangers to you and your bank manager, you pledge an investment of, oooh, £150,000?‘Everyone asks me that!’ she shrieks.

African countrySierra Leone now has the best Jollof after beating Ghana and Nigeria in U.S. contest.

Once again, another West African country is laying claim to being the best country that makes jollof rice after coming out tops at the 2019 Jollof Competition in Washington, District of Columbia (DC), in the U.S.

11-year-old chef who is now founder and CEO of plant-based Caribbean restaurant.

Omari McQueen was just 8-years old when he started his career as a vegan chef on his own YouTube channel after learning about veganism from a video shared by PETA UK, an animal rights organisation.

How this adorable black baby model won so many hearts.

Gabrielle Louise was excited when her little son, Jeremiah, then nine months, was featured on Primark’s new baby range last year. Jeremiah, now 14 months old, became the pride of his family while his mother believed that the move to choose him for a major high street clothing line was a win for dark representation.

College Student Just Dug Up a Triceratops Skull in North Dakota.

Harrison Duran, a 23-year-old student at the University of California at Merced, dug up a gigantic fossil of a Triceratops skull.

M&Ms Launch Its First Ever Chocolate Bars.

Hey M&Ms fans, brace yourselves. The famous chocolate pieces are about to be made into a new bar for the first time. You heard. Instead of being in a bag in individual bits, the once isolated M&Ms will now be encased together in a whole load of milk chocolate.

​Theme Park In The Netherlands That’s ‘Better Than Disney’ To Open New Ride.

A theme park in the Netherlands that's been dubbed 'better than Disney' has announced things will be getting even more magical with the introduction of a new ride, set to open this year.

California earthquake causes thousands of bees to drop dead.

A California earthquake with a 7.1 magnitude has caused thousands of bees to drop dead. Last Friday a huge earthquake shook the city of Ridgecrest causing

Boy, 6, killed after gunman goes on rampage at food festival.

A six-year-old boy was one of three people killed in a mass shooting at one of the biggest food festivals in the United States.

Stunning composites show how popular locations change from day to night.

Man devours 58 feet of STINGING NETTLES to become world champion.

A new world stinging-eating nettle champion has been declared after one hungry participant ate 58ft of the painful plant.

London's Richmond park becomes dumping ground for exotic pets.

Richmond Park is famous as a home for deer, less so for snapping turtles, tarantulas, chinchillas and gerbils. They are among the rejected pets dumped in the famous London royal park by neglectful owners who could no longer be bothered to take care of them.

Packed bus forced to stop service after passenger racially abuses driver.

Shocking video shows a man racially abusing a bus driver in Dublin in front of passengers prompting the vehicle to go out of service.

Six year old buys £6.4MILLION tower block after raking in £2.5m-a-month.

A six-year-old YouTuber who has 30million subscribers has bought a £6.4million skyscraper in Seoul. South Korean Boram splashed out 9.5billion won on the five-storey building in the popular Gangnam suburb.

Heat Wave Could Cause the Notre Dame’s Cathedral’s Ceiling to Collapse.

Notre Dame survived a massive fire months ago, but the beloved Paris cathedral is facing a new threat: a heatwave. The high temperatures bearing down on Europe may be a threat to the ailing building, according to Chief Architect Philippe Villeneuve.

Doctors remove 1.6 kg of jewellery from woman's stomach.

Doctors at a medical college in India performed an operation on a 22-year-old woman where they removed jewellery weighing 1.68 kg, 90 coins and a wristwatch from her stomach.

Woman who's inseparable from her pet giant snail.

A woman who dreamed about owning a giant snail since she was a schoolgirl has revealed how she rescued one from a pet shop after seeing the condition it was kept in. Magdalena Dusza and her slimy pet Misiek live in Krakow, Poland after she rescued the African snail six years ago.

Syrian girl, 5, who died trying to save her seven-month-old sister's life.

The first picture has emerged of a heroic five-year-old girl who died trying to save her baby sister's life in Syria after their home was bombed.

Video Captures Ole Miss Victim Ally Kostial's Final Moments.

Haunting video captured some of Ally Kostial's final moments, as she hugged a friend while leaving a bar in Oxford, Mississippi, just before midnight.

Man Builds Pallet Bar In His Back Garden For £90.

Whilst you're sat there in work, sweltering away like a cooking chicken, just know that somewhere out there in Sheffield, specifically is an absolute legend who had the foresight and the skill to spend time building his very own back garden bar out of wooden pallets. 

Video Shows Meat 'Crawl' Away From Plate.

A weird video that appears to show a slab of raw meat moving by itself, as though it's come back to life, has gone viral.

Twin brothers create first Black-owned delivery service in Philadelphia.

When David Cabello and his twin brother Aaron once looked around Philadelphia and realized that there were so many black-owned restaurants that were not being served by existing food delivery services, they decided to change that. The two have since built their own website, worked with black-owned businesses to get them signed on, and today, they have created the first Black-owned delivery service in Philadelphia.

Human feces found on the Moon.

The moon has been a junkyard for all sorts of objects since the Soviet Union crash-landed a spacecraft on its surface in 1959.

Tiger Takes Refuge From Flood Inside Home in India.

A tiger made itself at home in a family's house to take shelter from severe flooding.

Kids' Lemonade Stand Raises Over $1,000 for Families of Fallen First Responders.

These kids are on a mission. Siblings Jonah, Eli, Hannah and Abigail set up a lemonade stand to donate money to families of fallen first responders.

Sisters Read Bedtime Stories for Other Kids on Facebook .

Two Delaware sisters are trying to raise the literacy rate one bedtime story at a time.

No One Understands Why Man Celebrates Ex-Wife’s B’day, but He Has an Incredible Reason.

Boston-based Billy Flynn Gadbois has two young sons with his ex-wife.

Genius Mom With Special-Needs Teen Invents Shopping Cart for Disabled.

Raising a special-needs child can be rewarding and life-changing but is littered with innumerable challenges and obstacles.

Man dies after 'fight' on busy street in city centre.

Police have launched a murder investigation after a man died following an early-morning assault in a city centre.

Loyal dog walks 125 miles 'with tears in her eyes' back to owner who rejected her.

A loyal and wounded dog trekked 125 miles through Siberian forests, avoiding bears and wolves as she desperately tried to go home to the owner who had rejected her.

Boy, 15, shot outside McDonald's in Coventry by gunman on motorbike.

A 15-year-old boy was shot and wounded by a gunman on a motorbike while he was standing near a McDonald's restaurant in a busy city centre.

Texas brothers at the age of 12 and 13 are feeding the homeless with their own bakery.

Shane Mushambi, 13, and Nigel Mushambi, 12, of Missouri City are technically only in middle school, but the two brothers have learned to balance college classes and community service while running their own bakery business.

Chicago Offering One Bride The Chance To Marry In Pizza Wedding Dress.

For most people, weddings are all about tradition: the church, the vows, the white dress. But if you fancy doing something a little different and dare I say, cheesy then Chicago Town might have just the package.

Photograph Of Butchered Elephant Shows Horror Of Poaching.

A distressing photograph of a butchered elephant has been released, showing the true horror of ivory hunting in northern Botswana.

Dog Receives Weekly £5 Pocket Money Allowance From Owner.

A dog owner has started giving his pampered pooch a weekly pocket money allowance of £5, along with his own wallet to keep the cash in. Grant Ellis, 42, decided to treat Bracken the sprocket spaniel to a fiver each week last December after the mischievous pet pinched his wallet.

Hammerhead Shark Spotted In British Waters For First Time.

A hammerhead shark has been spotted in British waters for the first time ever. Scientists clocked a fin that looked 'unlike anything' they'd seen before in the Celtic Sea, around 100 miles south-west of Ireland.

Baby Baffles Doctors After Being Born With 'Three Heads'.

A baby girl has been born with what appears to be three heads in Uttar Pradesh in India, apparently due to an unknown medical condition. Family members are said to be 'in shock' following the birth of the child last week.

Twitter Users Slam Gordon Ramsay For His Full English Breakfast.

Known for his no-nonsense, tough-talking approach to cooking, world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay isn't one to mince his words when it comes to sub-par food. But the 52-year-old has come in for a bit of flack himself after he posted a photograph showing what a full English breakfast looks like at his Heathrow restaurant, Plane Food.

Baby Falls From Fifth-Floor Window But Is Saved By Washing Line.

A doctor has said a baby who fell from a fifth-floor window and escaped with just minor injuries must have had a 'guardian angel' looking over him.

Brazilian Police Discover 50 Kilos Of Cocaine Hidden Inside Laundry Detergent Boxes.

On the surface of it, a laundry detergent box sounds like quite a good place to hide loads of cocaine. Because, you know, they're usually full of white powder. However, one gang in Brazil appears to have made a major balls-up at a key stage of their drug smuggling operation, as 50kg of coke-filled boxes ostensible containing washing up powder ended up on the shelves of a store in São Paulo.

Organisers Of Latitude Festival Have Spray-Painted Sheep Bright Pink.

Latitude Festival has been slammed by critics after sharing a bazaar-baric video of a herd of sheep that had been spray-painted bright pink. Organisers of the popular Suffolk event posted the short clip to their official Twitter account, showing about a dozen sheep wandering through the campsite.

Albert Flick, a 77-year-old murderer released for being too old to be violent, kills another woman

Albert Flick, a hardened murderer released in his late 60s after being deemed too old to be dangerous, struck again by stabbing a woman to death in front of her twin sons 11 times in broad daylight.

Mar: The Holy Honey Healing ritual of Ethiopia’s honey churches.

“Honour physicians for their services for the Lord created them; for their gifts of healing came from the most high, and they are rewarded by the King…The Lord created medicine out of the Earth and the sensible will not despise them. Was not water made sweet by a tree so that its power might be known? And he gave skills to human beings that he may be glorified in his marvellous works.

The Talking Fabric: Hidden symbolism of the Kente cloth.

“Afrikan traditional textiles are a visual representation of history, philosophy, ethics, social conduct, religious beliefs, political thought and aesthetic principles.” Abraham Ekow Asmah.The narratives surrounding the origins of the Kente cloth and Kente weaving are of varying measure and degree.

Why the Aka pygmy people of central Africa have the ‘best dads in the world.

No father spends more time alone with their children than the average Aka.

The first dictionary written by Cab Calloway, an African American that introduced black slang to white folks in 1938.

Bust your conk, crumb crushers, few and two, and gimme some skin.

Man who has not washed or cut his 6ft long dreadlocks for 40 years.

In the last 40 years, he has neither washed his hair nor cut them. Sakal Dev Tuddu from the Munger district of eastern Bihar state, India, now sports six-foot-long dreadlocks which he has kept for that long because he believes God visited him in a dream and asked him never to cut it or wash it.

Obama ‘blessed’ Chicago kids with a surprise visit.

When a group of South Side teens participating in the Obama Youth Jobs Corps program at the Obama Foundation offices in Chicago gathered, the least of the things they hoped to be blessed with was the presence of former President Barack Obama himself.

Nigerian university unveils world’s first plant-based anti-snake vaccine.

Snake bites may not be seen by many people as being a major public health concern, yet, tens of thousands of people die from snake bites every year.

World's Largest Inflatable Unicorn Is Coming To Australia In Summer.

The past few summers, our social media feeds have been infiltrated by millions of pictures of people sunning themselves on inflatable pool toys. It's not hard to see why: they're very Instagrammable.

Snaps of items that look like food send social media wild

A sleeping ginger cat resting inside a silver plant tin largely resembles a loaf of bread in this amusing photograph.

Rape survivor jailed for 30 years for having stillbirth to get retrial.

A rape survivor who was sentenced to 30 years in prison after having a stillbirth is getting a retrial. Evelyn Hernandez was 18-years-old when she was raped by a gang member in her native El Salvador.

Drunk tourist strips off and dives off 150ft Portuguese bridge.

This is the terrifying moment a young woman stripped naked and dove head-first off a 150ft bridge in Portugal. 
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