Watch former Ghana president get out of car to direct traffic.

A former president of Ghana is being hailed by many for doing the unexpected directing vehicular traffic. Jerry John Rawlings, a former military leader and first president of Ghana’s fourth republic, was captured on Sunday evening intervening in a traffic situation on a busy street in Prampram, a coastal town in the country’s Greater Accra region.

New Yorkers hail city’s new law against discrimination based on hair which can attract $250k penalty.

Thanks to new guidance issued by New York City, it is now illegal to discriminate someone based on their hair. The law was passed earlier this week and has since been received very well especially by the black community who have suffered in several spaces due to their naturally given hair.

Bullied by students and teachers, this 11-yr-old boy is on life support after attempted suicide.

11-year-old Jamari Dent, a student at the Carter G Woodson Middle School in Chicago is currently on life support after attempting to take his own life as a result of being bullied at school. According to the victim’s family, the incident occurred on Monday. Dent’s mother, Tianna Black, ran to his room after his sister found him and called for her.“I ran to his room and he was on his knees with a sheet wrapped around his neck and gone already,” Black said. Black further disclosed her son, who has a learning disability was constantly bullied by students and surprisingly teachers at the school for over a year. She accused them of calling her son “stupid, dumb and retarded,” she said.“My son told me he wished he died four months ago,” she said. “He’s tired of the teachers messing with him.”In another interview, she said she reported the bullying incidents, which also included physical abuse to the school board but they didn’t really do anything about it.“I went to the board. They told me it was my son’s word against the teacher’s word, and they couldn’t do anything about it, and that’s not right. My son is fighting for his life right now as we speak,” she said. The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in a statement confirmed the case is under investigation.“This is a horrible tragedy, and the thoughts and prayers of the Chicago Public Schools community are with Jamari and his loved ones. The allegations that have been made are highly concerning, and the district is conducting a full investigation.”A GoFundMe has been set up to raise funds for Dent’s medical expenses with the target of $5000 being exceeded as of Wednesday. Meanwhile, Black has confirmed she will be moving her children to a different school after meeting with the school board.

Black Lives Matter hits Brazil after fatal chokehold of teenager.

The death of a 19-year old Afro-Brazilian has triggered demonstrations in some cities in the South American country with activists saying it is spurring the emergence of their very own Black Lives Matter movement. According to The Guardian, demonstrators gathered outside the Extra supermarket in the Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro demanding justice for the death of Pedro Gonzaga, who died of a heart attack on Thursday after a security guard attempted to subdue him with a “sleep hold”.In a video of the incident that has been circulating on social media, the security guard, Davi Amâncio, can be seen on top of a completely unmoving Gonzaga despite pleas from onlookers to let him go with one woman saying: “He is suffocating him.”Speaking with The Guardian, Lyz Ramos, a 19-year-old student protester said: “We have to take a position against this to stay alive. It’s a basic issue.”Some local media outlets, however, suggested Gonzaga instigated the incident. O Globo newspaper reported he was at the supermarket having lunch with his mother before heading to a rehab clinic as he was a drug user when he became aggressive and attempted to seize Amâncio’s gun. The video below, however, raises eyebrows of the claim he tried to reach for the gun: Afro-Brazilians are comparing the circumstances behind Gonzaga’s death to that of African-American Eric Garner, who died in a similar manner.A #VidasNegrasImportam (Black Lives Matter) campaign is also gaining momentum across Brazilian social media as a result.“There has never been a Black Lives Matter [movement] in Brazil to compare to the United States, but this year I think it will happen more often because the black community is more and more united,” said Rene Silva, one of the organisers of the Rio protest to The Guardian. “We want to talk about more about black lives matter, for society to understand we can’t stand racism anymore.”Majority of Brazilians who are killed each year are either black or mixed race with a 2018 annual Violence Atlas report by the government revealing they make up 71.5 per cent of the 64,000 casualties.Watch an extended version of the video below. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Mac Miller Recorded A Whole Album Before His Death.

Mac Miller Recorded A Whole Album Before His Death
Anytime a musician, artist or actor dies, the world mourns because not only is that person not around anymore, but we will never get to see the next masterpiece they could have created. That obviously applies to the late rapper Mac Miller, who died of an accidental drug overdose last year. His fifth studio album Swimming was nominated for a Grammy, Miller's first nod, which was a bittersweet moment. But it seems as though that 2018 album might not be his last.According to Chicago producer Thelonious Martin, Mac Miller, real name Malcolm James McCormick, did a collaborative album with producer and rapper Madlib. Martin has told DJ Booth: "When we were working on 'Guidelines,' he was always excited about all these other songs. He had this Madlib album, called Maclib."I opened for Madlib in Chicago last summer, at Pitchfork. So I'm opening for Madlib, and about 15, 20 minutes left in my set, Madlib pulls up. Pete Rock walks up as well."So I'm trying to focus and DJ and Madlib get on and 15 minutes into his set he just randomly plays a Mac Miller joint."And I turn to him, I'm like, 'There's more of these, right?' He's said, 'Oh, yeah, there's a whole album. Maclib.' What! What! He just kept moving on with his DJ set."If Madlib decides to bless the world with that project, he should."American bass guitarist Thundercat, who was mates with Miller, has confirmed the secret album on social media saying: "I was there when he recorded it. Blew my fucking mind."There was speculation that Mac Miller was going to win the 2019 Grammy for Best Album but was pipped on the night to Cardi B for her hit tracks off Invasion of Privacy. Miller's Swimming was released on 3 August - just over a month before he was found dead at his home outside Los Angeles at the age of 26. Shortly after his death, former girlfriend Ariana Grande shared a short video of the two together on her Instagram page, writing: "I adored you from the day I met you when I was nineteen and I always will. I can't believe you aren't here anymore. I really can't wrap my head around it. We talked about this. So many times."Hopefully, this Maclib gets released when it's ready and the world will get to feast their eyes on Miller's final project.

What we've learnt from the Nigerian election.

Man reads newspaper announcing election result in Kano, Nigeria 
Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has been re-elected for a second four-year term. His main rival, runner-up Atiku Abubakar, has called the election a "sham" and vowed to challenge the result in court. Here are five things we've learnt from an election marred by controversy.
It broke records for the wrong reasons: With 73 million able to vote, this could have been Africa's biggest-ever election but only a third of the electorate showed up. So what was billed as a record-breaking election did break the records but for an altogether different reason? The 2019 general election recorded the lowest turnout in Nigeria's 20-year history as a democracy. Nationwide turnout has been on a steady decline since 2003. The general decline, especially in the south, could indicate a decreasing faith in the political establishment and what it can deliver for the people. Voter apathy appears to have set in.
Map of Nigeria
Buhari is still a big deal in the north: The runner-up and main opposition candidate, Atiku Abubakar, says there was foul play in the tallying of votes. He says it is curious that the total number of votes cast in one of his strongholds, Akwa-Ibom, was 50% lower in this election than it was in 2015. Mr Buhari normally has significant support in the north of the country, where he is seen as a principled man of the people. His numbers have been consistent there for the past five presidential elections. Turnout was significantly lower in Nigeria's southern regions, where Mr Abubakar had hoped his numbers would increase. In a press statement on Wednesday, he specifically mentioned the turnout in Akwa Ibom, which was only 29%. Mr Abubakar said it was much higher in the 2015 election and put the difference down to "voter suppression".He did win in the south, but not by a big enough margin to cut Mr Buhari's lead of four million votes.
Security concerns did not deter Buhari supporters:Mr Abubakar also questioned why the parts of the north ravaged by the Islamist militia group, Boko Haram, had high voter turnouts.Borno and Yobe states in the north-east are strongholds of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC). Their support has not wavered, even though security concerns have displaced some two million people.The Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec) made provision for the 400,000 internally displaced people to vote in or around their camps.The region delivered high numbers despite attacks on election day by Boko Haram and its offshoot, the so-called Islamic State West Africa Province (Iswap).But there was violence in parts of the south of the country including in Rivers state. As a consequence voting did not take place in two local government areas and could have affected turnout in the state as a whole, Idayat Hassan, from the Abuja-based Centre for Democracy and Development, told the BBC's Newsday programme.Again, this is likely to have affected Mr Abubakar's overall vote count, as he won 74% of the votes which were cast in the state.
Both candidates were affected by the delay:Inec delayed the election day by a week because of logistical problems. This sparked complaints from people who had already travelled to their home towns to vote and now would have to make the journey twice. However, this would have affected the supporters of both candidates equally.
Electronic voting is probably more transparent:Some analysts suggest the use of electronic voting systems has made human error and manipulation more difficult. Though there are reported cases of electronic voter verification devices failing, many believe the use of technology has helped understand the electorate and their true behaviour at the polls, as well as curb voter fraud.
Map of Nigeria

Cleaning Couple Confronted By House Filled With 400 Bags Of Human Poo!

Cleaning Couple Confronted By House Filled With 400 Bags Of Human Poo
For some, the prospect of working alongside your other half sounds like heaven. For others, it sounds like hell. Either way, we can all agree that picking up 400 bags of human shit for a living sounds, well, shit.For husband and wife cleaning duo, Kenny and Leanne Elliott, such ungodly chores are all in a day's work. The couple runs two businesses together - Certitude Cleaning Services Ltd and Traumatic Clean Up in Devon, UK, and specialise in crime-scene cleaning. Now, the Elliotts have shared pictures from some of the filthiest properties they have ever had to get to grips with. In the property where they found the 400 bags of festering human shite (no idea how they knew it was definitely human), there were also 270 cider bottles filled with urine. But they couldn't just dive right into their work, as they always have to be wary of dangerous objects such as needles. Fortunately, in this instance, the toilet was on hand to do the job it was made to do. Mrs Elliott, 48, said: "Sifting through items is the most difficult because whilst you believe that most people live in a safe environment, in our job we have to be aware of drug paraphernalia, which is sometimes not thought about when we are booked to carry out the work."A needle sweep takes time to protect not only our operatives but those in the refuse and recycling centre and at other times we come across the most unusual items."Like four-tonnes of rubbish out of one tiny flat or hundreds of bottles of urine and hundreds of bags of human faeces out of another property."Obviously, these are bodily fluids and need to be disposed of properly. In this case, the toilet was salvageable and we were able to empty the contents this way." Makes you wonder why they didn't fancy using the toilet in the first place. Just half a year after starting their business together, the couple were confronted by a property in Plymouth which had a total of 33,500 used needles inside. Mrs Elliott said it was like finding 33,500 needles in a haystack. She said: "We called the police in the end because we found a substance in there."The police said it was one of the largest amounts of needles they had seen in a property and we'd only been doing the job for six months."It's things like where they hide the needles, sometimes people think of the whole thing, but it's just the needle."When you say needle in a haystack, that's exactly what you're talking about."Mrs Elliott said the key to getting past the grimness is having a good sense of humour - and never drawing the short straw. She said: "Kenny's son Ryan, who works with us, picked the smallest straw and spent five hours discarding urine and poo."How do you cope with something like that? You make sure you don't pick the short straw."Normally, it's quite nice to have a parent who can sort you out with a job, but in this instance Ryan mate, you might want to think about getting on your bike

Woman Smears Menstrual Blood On Her Face To Show It's Beautiful.

Woman Smears Menstrual Blood On Her Face To Show It's Beautiful
An intimacy coach who was once ashamed of periods has taken to covering her face in menstrual blood to end the stigma that surrounds it.

Kids Cozy Coupe Is Officially Britain's Best-Selling Car.

Kids Cozy Coupe Is Officially Britain's Best-Selling Car
The UK's bestselling car has been revealed and if you had your money on the Ford Fiesta or Fiat 500 taking the top spot, then I've got some surprising news for you the nation's favourite is the Cozy Coupe, which doesn't even have an engine...One in three children in the UK already own a Cozy Coupe and it shows no signs of slowing down; last year, as car sales dropped 6.8 per cent, the cute toy cars flogged more than 160,000 units a whopping 66 per cent more than the Ford Fiesta.
 The brand-new Cozy Coupes have been dropped at a car dealership to be fitted with new plates. Credit: Caters
A lorry load of the Little Tikes favourite has just arrived at a car dealership in Northampton to be fitted with the brand-new 2019 registration, with the toys themselves on sale for £59.99. So, if you're piss-poor and can't afford a new car, at least your little one can get a new whip. Michelle Lilley, Head of Cozy Coupe fleet operations, said: "We're thrilled to release this limited number of Coupes for the first new registration of the year."It's the perfect affordable first car for keen motorists."It's been great being able to make this special delivery.

"We're encouraging Cozy Coupe enthusiasts to head online or in-store to look at the range of Coupes within the fleet, there's something for every taste and it's the perfect affordable first car for keen motorists."The Cozy Coupe is so iconic and loved by so many children here's to a new fleet of Coupes for 2019."Of course, being made of plastic and not having an engine, the Cozy Coupe also gives off zero emissions, doesn't need taxing and doesn't require petrol or diesel to keep it going, making it pretty environmentally-friendly. The car was initially launched in 1979, meaning that generations of families have grown up with this being their first set of wheels. Dad Sam Rance, whose little girl Beatrice was able to get behind the wheel of one of the brand new cars, said: "This was my first car and I loved learning to drive in it."It ignited my passion for cars and I'm now investing in a new set of wheels for my daughter as I want her to have the same fun start to driving."Cute, eh?

Energizer Unveils Mobile With 'Most Powerful Battery In The World'

Energizer Unveils Mobile With 'Most Powerful Battery In The World'
It is probably the archetypal first world problem your smartphone running out of battery after just a couple of hours is a truly awful experience, but those dark days could very well be behind us. This is thanks to French company Avenir Telecom, which has unveiled a new super smartphone which includes an enormous 18,000mAh battery enough to power 100 hours of music. To put that into perspective, whereas you might struggle to get half a day out of your average mobile, the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop can reportedly give users an entire week - or up to 48 hours of continuous video playback. This is a conservative estimate, as on standby it can last up to 50 days without needing to be plugged in and can even be used as a power bank for other devices making it the 'most powerful battery in the world'.In short, it is an absolute beast.
The phone can reportedly last up to a week without needing to be charged. Credit: Instagram/sakhtafzarmag
In a world where size really does matter, the dark blue lump measures a whopping 18mm in thickness, which according to one tech site is about the size of three-and-a-half iPhones more reminiscent of the iPod Classic. But it's not just about the battery life boasting three cameras, a 6.2-inch LCD display, and 6GB of RAM, early reviews have claimed it's a pretty nifty piece of kit. You'll also be pleased to know that it has 'fast charging' and is up and ready to go again after just eight hours, which may not actually seem that fast but with a battery this size, it's fairly swift. As you'd expect, the design has certainly got people talking and it's safe to say most are pretty damn excited. One person wrote on Twitter: "If you've ever said, 'I'd trade thinness for more battery life', here's the smartphone for you!"

As well as the enormous battery, it also boasts three cameras and can be used as a power bank for other devices. Credit: sakhtafzarmag/Instagram
A second user said: "If you have a problem with your battery going dead too soon on your phone, have no fear. Energizer is coming out with a phone with a Gigantic battery!!!!!".Another shared a bit too much information with their assessment, writing: "18,000 mAh battery? Urgh. However, one person wasn't quite sure whether they loved it or absolutely hated it. They wrote: "This is the phone you buy for someone you either really like or really really hate."But with the device expected to go on sale in June, for £517 (600 euros), you won't have long to wait to judge for yourself.

Funeral Companies To Sue After Pastor Claims To Raise Man From The Dead.

Image result for ​Funeral Companies To Sue After Pastor Claims To Raise Man From The Dead
A pastor in South Africa has come under fire after claiming to have resurrected a dead man. The stunt was carried out by Pastor Alph Lukau and took place in front of a throng of people outside his church near Johannesburg. In the footage which has now gone viral and is being widely ridiculed you can see a man lying down in a coffin as Pastor Lukau shouts, "Rise up." The man's body then jerks upright, much to the apparent delight of cheering worshippers in the crowd. The funeral companies claimed to have been involved in the incident say they had been manipulated into being implicated. The three companies are now taking legal action for damage to their reputation. Kings and Queens Real Funerals which supplied a vehicle - said in a statement on Facebook: "We were approached by alleged family members of the deceased who informed us they had encountered a dispute with a different funeral service provider and would like to use our transport services which we offered them."We did not supply the coffin neither did we store the deceased at our mortuary and no paperwork was processed by Kings and Queens Funerals."As a Funeral Services Provider we do not offer services without documentation neither do we repatriate bodies without any paperwork."We are in the process of taking legal action for this malicious damage to our image."Funeral services Kingdom Blue and Black Phoenix are also reported to have been involved, has told local media that church representatives had tricked them in various ways. The Deputy Chairperson of the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities, Prof David Mosoma, claimed such stunts were used as a way of getting money from 'the hopelessness of our people'.He said: "Resurrection means suspension of the laws of nature. When somebody claims to have suspended the laws of nature when someone has passed on, it means there must be credible witnesses, a certification that the person is dead, the person must be in a registered morgue. The morgue must certify that this person is dead."All of these things are the questions we are asking ourselves how did this happen? We have discovered that there are no such things as miracles. They are made up to try to get money from the hopelessness of our people. We cannot allow our people to be abused in this way.
Image may contain: text that says "Kings Queens REAL FUNERAL SERVICES CC for a service that sives you Honour, Disnity & Comfort"

As kings and Queens Funeral Services, we would like to distance ourselves from the supposed resurrection of a deceased man by Hallelujah Ministries who allegedly was at our mortuary. As a funeral services provider, we offer 
1. Funeral Services
2. Funeral Cover
3. Burials
4. Transport

We were approached by alleged family members of the deceased who informed us they had encountered a dispute with a different funeral service provider and would like to use our transport services which we offered them.We did not supply the coffin neither did we store the deceased at our mortuary and no paperwork was processed by Kings and Queens Funerals. As a Funeral Services Provider we do not offer services without documentation neither do we repatriate bodies without any paperwork.We are in the process of taking legal action for this malicious damage to our image.To all our beloved clients and prospective clients, thank you for the continued support during this confusing time. We continue to strive for excellence as your preferred funeral services provider that offers a service that gives you honour, dignity and comfort.Image result for ​Funeral Companies To Sue After Pastor Claims To Raise Man From The Dead

Image result for ​Funeral Companies To Sue After Pastor Claims To Raise Man From The Dead
Image result for ​Funeral Companies To Sue After Pastor Claims To Raise Man From The DeadImage result for ​Funeral Companies To Sue After Pastor Claims To Raise Man From The DeadImage result for ​Funeral Companies To Sue After Pastor Claims To Raise Man From The DeadImage result for ​Funeral Companies To Sue After Pastor Claims To Raise Man From The DeadImage result for ​Funeral Companies To Sue After Pastor Claims To Raise Man From The Dead
"While the stunt has been condemned by religious groups, some people have been able to see the funny side of what happened having shared their very own versions of a 'Resurrection Challenge'  on social media.

Pensioner Fights Tears As Fly-Past Remembers US Airmen Who Saved His Life.

Credit: PA
A pensioner from Sheffield was today joined by thousands of well-wishers and residents for a fly-past to commemorate an aeroplane crash that killed 10 American airmen in 1944.82-year-old Tony Foulds was just eight years old when a US Army B-17 Flying Fortress crashed in Sheffield's Endcliffe Park whilst taking evasive action to avoid Tony and his mates. That was 75 years ago, and ever since that day, Tony has maintained a memorial to the men who lost their lives in the park. In memory of the crew of the plane nicknamed 'Mi Amigo' - aircraft from the British Army and the US Army flew over the park, much to Tony's delight.
Credit: PA
Credit: PA
He fought back tears as he explained to BBC Breakfast how much the gesture meant to him. Tony said: "It's more than bravery. It saved me."If they'd have thought of themselves, which they didn't, they could have landed on me."You know, it's more than brave when somebody kills themselves rather than strangers. They put us first."As well as Tony, there were thousands of locals who turned out to the park to celebrate the anniversary. On top of that, some of the relatives of those killed in the accident were also there to thank Tony for honouring the memory of those lost. After the emotional fly-past, one relative said: "It's awesome. I think it's a memorial to the men, but it's as much for Tony as them, and the nobility of the human spirit."As a fitting tribute, one of the assembled crowd sparked three cheers for the pensioner shortly after the planes flew overhead. Tony's story came to the fore after BBC TV's Dan Walker heard about his work in maintaining the memorial. Walker then started the campaign to get the fly-past organised. Starting the campaign, Walker said: "Tony Foulds was an eight-year-old playing in the park when a US plane crashed in 1944."He has diligently maintained the memorial ever since. He was planting new flowers. Almost 75 years of service. What a man."He also tweeted: "He doesn't want a medal. All he wants is a fly-past on the 75th anniversary on the 22nd Feb 2019."He couldn't even get his phone out of his pocket this morning because of the shakes but stills weeps, cleans and tends the memorial."Let's mark his 75 years of service with something special."Well, today that dream came true.

Identical Twin Sisters Who Married Identical Twin Brothers Deny Switching Partners.

Identical Twin Sisters Who Married Identical Twin Brothers Deny Switching Partners
If you were asked if you and your sibling ever swapped partners, you would presumably answer 'no' before going and talking to someone less weird at the barbecue/pub/Birders of Stockton-on-Tees' annual get-together. However, if you and your identical sister married identical twin brothers, then that goes from being a weird question to a fairly inevitable one. Brittany and Briana Deane must have known this would be part of the deal when they got hitched to Josh and Jeremy Salyers in a joint ceremony at the 2018 Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, USA. Seriously. However, despite countless onlookers putting two and two together (quite literally) and assuming the sibling pairings were partial to playing swapsies, the couples deny that such spousal swingery takes place. When asked to identify the strangest question that the couples get asked, Jeremy said: "We get a lot of questions about our living situation, [we get] mostly positive responses when people find out about it. We don't mind talking about it at all."Briana added: "I would add that we totally know we are eccentric, socially eccentric."I would say that the one that we get a lot [is that] people always ask if we switch partners I hope we have explained ourselves that we do not!"
The siblings got married and August in Twinsburgh, naturally. Credit: Summit County Probate Court
OK, Briana, we'll take your word for it, but you'll forgive us for asking. After all, it is very 'socially eccentric' to not only have married the identical twin brother of your identical twin sister's husband but to also then live together as a foursome under one roof. The couples got married in August and Briana described the start of their married lives as a 'whirlwind'.She said: "Our first few months of marriage have been a whirlwind of fun and getting used to being married and the four of us living together, that dynamic."Brittany added: "With all four living together under one roof, there's a lot of double dates." Yes, then after your double dates, you always go in your respective pairs to your respective bedrooms. Gotcha.

As for 2019, the sisters are of course hoping to get preggers at the same time. Brittany said: "We hope to start our family, we're hoping to get pregnant around the same time. If we do, we'd like to go on a babymoon. We'll play it by year, according to that."No doubt they will both be hoping for identical twins. How sweet.

Factory Worker Fired After Failing Drug Test Because He Ate Aldi Bread.

Factory Worker Fired After Failing Drug Test Because He Ate Aldi Bread
A man has lost his job after a loaf of supermarket bread caused him to fail a drugs test. Marcin Konieczny, 35, claims he has never used any illegal substances, doesn't smoke and rarely drinks, but traces still showed up in one of his samples. According to the factory worker, the cause of the negative result was a £1.58 poppy loaf of bread from Aldi, but despite Marcin's pleas to his bosses they refused to listen to him and he was sacked on the spot. Determined to prove his innocence, he began researching the topic and found evidence that failed tests can be linked to poppy seeds, which are found on bread and buns. The dad-of-two, who has lived in the UK for the past 14 years, realised that he regularly eats Aldi's Honey Soaked Seeded Bloomer. Believing the bread could be the cause of his failed test, he decided to bring a loaf to a private lab for testing.
The factory worker claims he has never smoked and hardly drinks. Credit: Triangle News
He said: "I started researching on the Internet and found stories of other people who tested positively for drugs after eating seeded bread."My wife and I had just started changing our diet and eating more healthily. I had been eating the bread every day."Samples of the loaf came back with the same results as Marcin's drug test non-negative, which means that traces had been detected in the batch. Looking back at the incident, Polish-born Marcin, who lives in Middlesbrough, said: "I'm absolutely devastated. I felt so powerless and discriminated against so badly."I was so shocked because I have never smoked, never taken drugs and very rarely drink wine.

The bread was found to have the same traces in it as Marcin's failed drug test. Credit: Aldi
"I was forced to leave work straight away but I can't drive so I had to wait around in the cold all day for a lift."After seeing the results of the test, bosses from Cod Beck Blenders, an animal feed firm based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, admitted there had been a mistake and would allow Marcin to return to work. A spokesperson for the firm said: "In the circumstances, we would have no objection in principle to this temporary worker returning here."Our usual procedure in this situation is to suspend the person on full pay until the correct chain of custody drug test is complete, i.e. we send off to the lab for verification."In this particular case, the result came back positive but the lab said it was consistent with a dietary source, not medication or anything untoward."Though most of the opium is removed from the seeds during processing, it has been known for poppy seeds to retain enough of the substance for it to be detected in the urine up to 48 hours after eating. Aldi declined to comment on the story.

Chinese Pilot Filmed Asleep At The Controls Of A Passenger Jet.

The China Airline pilot asleep in the cockpit. Credit: AsiaWire
A pilot has been punished after being filmed having a wee kip in the cockpit of his passenger jet. Now, I don't know about you, but if were on a plane, I'd really like my pilot to stay awake as much as possible. However, the 30-second clip - filmed by the co-pilot shows the pilot of a Boeing 747 slumped in his chair with his head forward having a nap, mid-flight. Obviously, some flights are really long, and you can't expect a pilot to be awake and alert for the whole of a 16-hour flight, but still. Passengers don't need to see the man in charge of the plane - and, by extension, their lives having a doze. The pilot shown in the footage has since been identified as Weng Jiaqi, who is a senior officer for China Airlines. According to local reports, he's got 20 years of experience. You'd think, then, that he'd know better. The timing of this particular video is interesting, too. It surfaced onto the Internet just a couple of days after China Airlines ended a strike. What were they striking about? Well, they were concerned about long working hours and pilot fatigue. Coincidence? I think not. Obviously, we don't know exactly when the footage was taken, but the airline has since stated that it was filmed before the recent strikes happened. Interestingly enough, Weng is thought to be the most senior Boeing 747 pilot that is employed by the airline which is Taiwan's national airline with two decades of flying under his belt. He also works as an instructor, bringing the new recruits up to speed on the simulator at the China Airlines Fight Training Centre.
A China Airlines passenger jet. Credit: PA
Accused of ignoring flight safety protocol, the pilot has since 'received adequate punishment' for his actions, according to a statement from China Airlines. The statement read: "Fatigue is inevitable. But as a senior officer, the pilot should have set a good example for his subordinates."If the pilot was really too tired, he could have alerted crew members and have them observe your condition."

On top of that, the co-pilot has also been reprimanded for not waking his pilot up. According to the rules, pilots are allowed to sleep on long flights. They have to sit way back in their chairs and not be anywhere near the controls, though. Also, the Taiwan Civil Aviation Bureau states that pilots must have at least a whole day off after flying for more than 12 hours.