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Sri Lanka attacks: Where else in the world have face coverings been banned?

A woman wearing a niqab looks on during a protest by a French-Algerian businessman and political activist, on October 3, 2018 in St. Gallen by following a massive vote in the Swiss northeastern canton of St. Gallen to prohibit all face-covering garments in public spaces.
A ban on face coverings in public has come into effect in Sri Lanka, following a series of suicide attacks on Easter Sunday, in which at least 250 people were killed. Any face garment that "hinders identification" was being banned under emergency legislation to ensure national security, according to the office of the president. Those who support the ban say it's vital for public safety and encourages assimilation of ethnic and religious minorities. But rights groups say it discriminates against Muslim women, some of whom view these garments as a religious obligation. Where else in the world has adopted similar bans either through parliamentary act or under emergency legislation?.
France was the first European country to ban the full-face Islamic veil in public places in 2011, following a vote in parliament the previous year. The ban was upheld by the European Court of Human Rights in July 2014. A ban against a full-face veil led to protests in Denmark when it came into effect, in August 2018. The law says that "anyone who wears a garment that hides the face in public" will have to pay 1,000 krone (£118; $157), with fines 10 times higher for repeat offenders. The Senate in the Netherlands passed a law in June 2018 banning face coverings in public buildings such as schools and hospitals and on public transport. It does not apply on public streets. In Germany, it's illegal to have any face coverings while driving. Germany's lower house of parliament has also approved a partial ban for judges, civil servants and soldiers. Women wearing a full-face veil are also required to uncover their faces for identification purposes. A ban on full-face veils in public spaces such as courts and schools came into force in Austria in October 2017.
A law banning the full-face veil came into effect in Belgium in July 2011. The law bans any clothing that obscures the identity of the wearer in places such as parks and on the street. A bill was passed in Norway in June 2018 banning clothing covering the face from being worn at educational institutions. Bulgaria's parliament passed a bill in 2016 to fine and cut the benefits of women who cover their faces in public. There are also some restrictions in Luxembourg, in specific public locations such as hospitals, courts and public buildings. Some European countries have bans in specific cities or regions. This includes Italy, where several towns have bans on face-covering veils, including Novara, run by the anti-immigration Northern League, which imposed its ban in 2010. In Spain, the city of Barcelona announced a ban on face coverings in 2010, in some public spaces such as municipal offices, public markets and libraries. Face veils are also banned in public areas in some regions of Switzerland.
In 2015, multiple suicide bombings by women wearing full-face veils in the region prompted full-face coverings to be banned in public places in Chad, Gabon, Cameroon's northern region, Niger's Diffa region and the Republic of Congo. In Algeria, public officials have been banned from wearing full-face veils in the workplace since October 2018.
The wearing of veils in public places and "abnormally" long beards - are prohibited in China's Xinjiang region. Xinjiang is home to ethnic Uighur Muslims, who say they face discrimination. The region has seen violent clashes, which the government blames on Islamist militants.

Ashdown Forest: Fire breaks out in Winnie the Pooh wood.

Image result for Fire breaks out in woods that inspired Winnie the Pooh stories
A fire has been burning overnight near woods featured in AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories. The blaze in Ashdown Forest was reported at 21:30 BST on Sunday, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said. Gorse and undergrowth were ablaze affecting an area of up to 50 acres (20 hectares), in the Kingstanding area. At its height, six fire crews were on the scene. This has now been scaled back to four fire engines and crews, a fire service spokesman said. Andrew Gausden, from the fire service, said the blaze had destroyed a valley area near Duddleswell."It's unusual to have a fire of this size at night. This seems to have caught hold before people noticed the fire," he said."The undergrowth was very dry in the forest, despite the recent rain, and the fire caught quite quickly."We had numerous calls, including from the police who have a training centre nearby."He said the fire was not thought to have been started deliberately. Crews remain at the scene making sure it is fully out.AA Milne created the Winnie the Pooh books in the 1920s while living in the area, near Hartfield. The woods were the inspiration for Hundred Acre Wood home to Pooh and his friends. Chris Sutton, an Ashdown Ranger forest ranger, said bracken in the area was "as dry as straw", and ground-nesting birds would have seen eggs and nests destroyed. The forest is an important habitat for nightjars and Dartford warblers."Reptiles like adders and lizards would not have been able to move fast enough. Large animals like foxes and deer would have been able to move out of the area quite quickly," he said."All is not lost - within four weeks we'll have grass growing and in six months you probably won't know too much has gone on here."He said animals and insects from surrounding areas would quickly repopulate the area hit by the fire. Ashdown Forest is in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with heathland making up about two-thirds of its 6,500 acres (2,500 hectares). It was originally used for deer hunting in Norman times and has been given national and international protection because of its wildlife. Two fires in February were started accidentally by volunteers during planned burning. The Conservators of Ashdown Forest said "a freak gust of wind combined with unseasonably dry conditions" was to blame the fires on 26 February.
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Image result for Fire breaks out in woods that inspired Winnie the Pooh storiesImage result for Fire breaks out in woods that inspired Winnie the Pooh storiesImage result for Fire breaks out in woods that inspired Winnie the Pooh storiesImage result for Fire breaks out in woods that inspired Winnie the Pooh storiesImage result for Fire breaks out in woods that inspired Winnie the Pooh storiesImage result for Fire breaks out in woods that inspired Winnie the Pooh storiesImage result for Fire breaks out in woods that inspired Winnie the Pooh storiesImage result for Fire breaks out in woods that inspired Winnie the Pooh stories 

Sports Illustrated features first burkini girl.

A Somali-American supermodel has become the first Muslim model to appear in Sports Illustrated wearing a burkini. Halima Aden is featured in its annual swimsuit issue in the swimwear which covers the entire body except for the face, hands and feet."

Nigerian student arrested for 'drug trafficking' in Saudi Arabia freed.

A Nigerian student who was arrested last year for alleged drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia has been freed, the Nigerian government says. Zainab Aliyu was accused of smuggling 2,000 packs of a strong pain killer. The Nigerian authorities later found that the drugs had been planted in her luggage by a criminal gang. Drug trafficking is a capital offence in Saudi Arabia, which practices conservative Islam. Those found guilty are executed. This was the fate earlier this month of a Nigerian woman, who was beheaded in the city of Mecca, along with two Pakistani men and a Yemeni man. Ms Aliyu's detention sparked protests and with supporters in Nigeria using the hashtag #FreeZeinab to call for her release. Her freedom comes as hundreds of her fellow students gathered at Maitama Sule University in the northern city of Kano on Tuesday to demand her release. On Monday, President Muhammadu Buhari ordered the attorney general to intervene in the matter. His aide tweeted the news of Ms Aliyu's release using the popular hashtag #FreeZeinab.Zeinab.
Ms Aliyu was arrested at her hotel in Medina by Saudi police last December, shortly after arriving for the lesser hajj with her family - and remained in detention until Tuesday. The Saudi authorities had accused her of trafficking 2,000 packs of Tramadol in a bag tagged with her name that had been left at the airport. Recently, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency of Nigeria (NDLEA) said it had uncovered a criminal gang that had been planting illicit drugs in travellers' luggage. An investigation was launched after Ms Aliyu's father reported the case to the police and it led to the arrest of six officials at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport. They have been accused at a federal high court of framing Ms Aliyu and have not commented on the charges.

Man breaks up with woman because she covered her spots with makeup

Just about every girl under the sun has tried to hide spots in one way or another. Makeup is the easiest way to cover them up, so we use it. If it makes us feel more confident then we're all for it - and we don't really care what anyone else has to say about the matter. However, this guy decided to dump a woman because she hid her acne with foundation. Crazy. The girl in question took to Reddit and asked: "Am I the a*rsehole for hiding my acne with makeup and not telling my potential boyfriend about it?""At first, he didn’t say anything, just looked at me a bit weird,’ she said in the now deleted post."When we were alone, he just told me that he didn’t know I had acne like that. After that, he’s been acting distant the whole trip. When we got home that night, he said that it would be for the best to stop seeing each other because he doesn’t like me anymore. As the very last thing he said that I shouldn’t lead people on like that."She then added that she thinks she's being a catfish. Many Reddit users replied to the thread and were thoroughly on the woman's side, saying he was idiotic to break up with her. One wrote: "You’re definitely not catfishing anyone by wearing makeup. I mean acne isn’t a huge deal for normal people, potential boyfriend sounds like a really shallow guy to break up over something like that."While another said: "This. If you get with someone and expect them to never have a blemish or some pimples, you have unrealistic expectations and are asking to be let down forever."One more commented: "Good lord my wife breaks out constantly even at 39. Who the f**k cares? Lol been happy for almost ten years and she still gets subconscious about it even though I don't give an f**k. Cover it up if you want and let's keep on trucking."

Man Beaten by ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Fans after Shouting Spoilers Outside Cinema.

A man in Hong Kong was assaulted by angry fans after shouting out spoilers to people lining up outside a cinema to see “Avengers: Endgame,” according to multiple reports. The unidentified man shouted major aspects of the plot at the fans before he was attacked. The victim was reportedly left “beaten and bloodied” on the side of the street outside a movie theatre in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. A photograph being shared online purports to show the man with blood on the side of his head as he awaits medical treatment. In the photograph, another unidentified man in a red shirt appears to be offering help.

Asia One reported that some Marvel fans reacting online to the story have expressed support for the people who beat him. “He got his just desserts served,” and “felt good seeing this” were some of the comments cited in the report.“Endgame” directors Joe and Anthony Russo have pleaded with people not to spoil the film’s ending.“Because so many of you have invested your time, your hearts, and your souls into these stories, we’re once again asking for your help,” they wrote in a statement posted on Instagram.“Remember, Thanos still demands your silence.

iPhone XS and XR review: Six months in, here's how they're holding up.

Over the last few months since the iPhone XS, XS Max and arrived, I've been cycling through them all. But the phone landscape has been crowded with much sexier stories recently: 5G is beginning to rear its head, wild new transforming folding phones are capturing people's imaginations and there are phones studded with more cameras than you can keep track of the iPhones from late 2018 are not so interesting in comparison. But that's also to their credit. After all, when Verizon launched its 5G network it turned out to be spottier than expected, Samsung's Galaxy Fold phone is already breaking, and some of those camera-studded phones don't do quite as much as you think. The iPhones, meanwhile, feel pretty flawless, which is quite un-newsworthy. They're clearly Apple's most polished and perfected products right now. But that doesn't mean they couldn't use improvements. The phone industry is accelerating so fast that Apple's phones are inevitably going to change with it. But where they are now is a very solid, stable place -- if not an exciting one. Good news: Whatever iPhone you picked last year if you picked one that is, you're just fine. (You're also fine if you have the iPhone X or iPhone 8 or iPhone 7, too!) Each model has its advantages and drawbacks. My favourite is still the iPhone XR. It has the best price-to-value pick, its battery life is great and its smaller size is ideal for me. And the iPhone XR's LCD screen, while technically not as good as the iPhone XS' OLED, isn't perceivably different in everyday use. But, I appreciate the added antennas, durability and, in particular, the dual rear camera of the iPhone XS models. I use the 2x zoom for on-location shoots and closeup shots of my kids all the time. A dual camera iPhone XR this year seems like an inevitability, especially if the new premium iPhones get three rear cameras. The XS and XS Max still feel too expensive (not as expensive as a folding phone, though). The iPhone XS and XR do a great job in everyday use, and their cameras are really good. Video capture is particularly excellent too. But there are other phones that can do things the iPhone can't. The newest Samsung Galaxy S10, for example, has three rear cameras, offering an ultra-wide-angle lens that the iPhones don't have. It's a common trend, and the more lenses you have the more framing options you have. Although some phones edge out the iPhones in photo quality based on CNET tests, it's really one specific feature from one specific phone I envy the most -- Night Sight on the Pixel 3. After trying Google's low-light mode on Pixel 3, I immediately loved what it did for my photos. The iPhone can handle well without flash most of the time, but Night Sight is on a different level. It's the sort of feature that either iOS 13 or the next iPhone should have.

Kanye West pulled 50,000 people to his Sunday Service at Coachella .

Kanye West wrapped up Coachella in style when he performed his popular Sunday Service to over 50,000 excited revellers. The Sunday Service, which he has been performing near his Calabasas home in California since January and has since become a ritual features the award-winning rapper performing some of his hit songs as well as gospel songs with a choir and a live band. Performing on a huge man-made mountain on the event grounds on Easter Sunday, fans got the chance to experience the much talked about praise and worship session which also featured performances by DMX, Chance The Rapper, Ty Dolla Sign, Teyana Taylor, among others. The All Of The Lights rapper, who was largely spectator during the session also debuted a new song titled Water. After the event, his wife, Kim Kardashian, took to her Instagram page to explain the genesis of the Sunday Service and why it means so much to her husband.“Sunday Service was so special to experience here at Coachella especially for my first time here!” she wrote.“Kanye started Sunday Service for healing for himself and his close friends and family. He had this vision of starting a church for a few years and it was magical seeing everyone else get to experience it. I’m so proud of you babe for doing exactly what's in your heart,” she continued.

Son Grabs Mom’s Hand as Their Favorite Song Comes on.

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There’s nothing more inspiring or heartwarming than the bonds between family members, but as we grow older that relationship can be strained and stretched. Whilst most people who are having trouble with falling asleep will try to relax with nice hot cocoa or immersed in a good book, or perhaps counting sheep until they eventually doze off, this old mother from Paincourtville, Los Angeles, had a different approach. Instead of fighting with her body in the quest to drift off, she instead embraced her alertness and headed down to the kitchen, where she promptly asked her son for a jive. The resulting dance between mother and son is fun and carefree and will leave you feeling excited about life and the day ahead of you. The pair look so happy in each other’s company that you won’t be able to help to wonder whether we, as a modern and developed Western society, should, in fact, be promoting these extra-precious family bonds more.

Young Couple Build Rube Goldberg Machine Throughout the House to Reveal Their Baby’s Gender.

It’s the ultimate gender reveal, and it is now going viral across Facebook. Taylor and Heidi Calmus looked forward to welcoming their second child and were eager, like most parents, to learn whether they were having a girl or boy. Taylor, an inventor, had the perfect idea for an elaborate, one-of-a-kind gender reveal, crafting a Rube Goldberg machine throughout their home. It begins with their first child, Theo, grabbing at a sippy cup from his crib, and ends with a cannon blasting coloured confetti to reveal the baby’s gender. With Heidi out of town, Taylor worked for three days to set up the reveal while caring for baby Theo at the same time. He had to test the machine over and over again to ensure it was flawless when it came time for the magical moment. A friend of the Calmus’ played an integral part of the reveal, loading the coloured confetti and standing by to capture the moment on video when whole Calmus family finds out whether they will be welcoming a boy or girl into their lives. It’s a special moment caught on view, and viewers cannot help but leave impressed by the sophistication in the reveal and the ingenuity behind the idea. You just have to see it.

Woman Thinks Grandma’s Old Painting Is Worth $250, but Appraiser Says It’s Way, Way, Way More.

(YouTube Screenshot | Antiques Roadshow PBS)
When family members pass down heirlooms, it’s often difficult to discern just how valuable they are beyond their basic sentimental value. For one woman, a painting passed down from her grandmother was believed to be nothing more than that just an old but revered replica that had held special meaning to the grandmother over the course of her life. Upon the removal of the painting’s glass cover to remove a dead mosquito, though, the younger woman realized that the picture may not have been a replica after all. And after taking it to be appraised on the popular show “Antiques Roadshow,” she burst into tears at what one of the show’s appraisers, Meredith Hilferty, revealed to her the painting was actually worth. I took it out to the front yard and I opened it up to get the mosquito out so I could take it with me to college,” the young woman explained, “and then it kind of scared me a little. I closed it back up immediately because it looked like it might be real.”The painting had been given to her grandmother when the elder woman was just 19 years old, and it had become her most prized possession over the course of her life. It hung over her bed for decades, only leaving the wall when she passed away. The young woman also mentioned: “Her dad, I’m guessing, would’ve given it to her after she spent the summer at a dude ranch when she was 19, in, like, the ’40s.”It was a surprisingly peaceful depiction of the Sioux Native American tribe heading down the Rocky Mountain trail, believed to be a replica of a piece by French-born American artist Henry Francois Farny. Farny had become a highly sought-after painter in later generations although he passed away in 1916. His works were unique for their time, focusing on the positive relations he had with Native tribes in North America during a time when many still held large levels of contempt and suspicion for the indigenous populations of the country. The young woman now in possession of her grandmother’s artwork knew that the piece had been appraised twice before in general home appraisals, and both times had been appraised as prints at $200 and $250 respectively. After opening up the glass to remove the mosquito, though, she felt that the painting may have been real—so she hoped that Hilferty could give her a more definitive answer. Hilferty explained that the artist, Farny, had done some of his most prolific work right around the time that the painting in question was dated, in 1892. Sure enough, this piece was an original from that era and given how highly sought after his work was now, the piece was worth closer to between $200,000 and $300,000 as opposed to a mere $250.

Dad Teaches Roblox-Obsessed Son Epic Life Lesson After He Refuses to Do Garden Chores.

(Photo courtesy of Clint Edwards)

Parenting is not for the fainthearted. Nobody knows this as well as Clint Edwards, a father of three who has penned a book based on his sometimes nerve-testing, often hilarious experiences. I’m Sorry … Love, Your Husband: Honest, Hilarious Stories From a Father of Three Who Made All the Mistakes (and Made up for them) has been warmly received by critics and has parents everywhere in stitches in the “parenting” section of all good bookstores.
Edwards, besides writing a book, shares reflections on parenting on his online blog. But what does he talk about, specifically? That would be his idiosyncratic 11-year-old son, Tristan. Voltaire said it first (or, for you youngsters out there, Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben from Spiderman): “With great power comes great responsibility.” Parents, nod your heads in agreement! And while you’re at it, make a hot drink, sit comfortably, and enjoy a story from the Clint Edwards archive about a parenting tactic that had an unexpectedly successful result.
“I often describe my 11yo as an immovable slug of a boy,” Edwards writes, describing what many may think of as a typical pre-teen. “So when I asked him to help me unload dirt from our small pickup into his mother’s new garden boxes, his reaction was typical.”Tristan distractedly called out that he was “busy.” Edwards peered through the window to see his young son flopped on the sofa, legs outstretched, playing Roblox on the family laptop. The sight of him certainly didn’t convince his father that he was usefully occupied.
Edwards persevered, Tristan resisted, Edwards persevered some more. And finally, the boy dragged himself outside, amid protestations, and began to shovel the dirt. He didn’t manage to work for long, however: Tristan dropped the shovel and asked his dad why they were mucking about in the dirt. What for? Why bother? Edwards realized that this was the perfect opportunity for a “life lesson.” He would attempt to teach his son the act of selflessness. Edwards didn’t like gardening, either; he couldn’t care less. But his wife was tremendously green-fingered, and the garden was her pride and joy. They were filling the garden boxes because, Edwards said, “when you love someone, you serve them.”
Edwards explained to his somewhat bemused son that he wanted him to grow up with principles: to serve family and to serve the community. He gestured to the garden boxes, the wheelbarrow, the shovel, the piles of dirt, and back to his son’s stricken face: “this is what love looks like,” he said. Tristan seemed unconvinced. But little did Edwards know the impact he’d had. The following day, Edwards’s wife, Mel, was struggling with shovels full of dirt in the garden, on her own. But before she could so much as getting dirt under her fingernails, Tristan volunteered to take over. Naturally, Mel asked why. “Because I love you,” came the carefully considered reply.

Man fined for using phone while driving proves he was just eating a hash brown.

A man who was fined by police for using his phone while driving has successfully proven that he was just eating a hash brown.

A fresh weather warning has been issued for one county as Storm Hannah hits Ireland.

A fresh weather warning has been issued for one county as Storm Hannah hits Ireland

The status yellow wind warning has been issued for Dublin and will come into effect at 11pm tonight [April 26]. It will last until 10am on Saturday, April 27. A forecaster said it will become "very windy on Friday night and for a time on Saturday morning."They added: "Southerly winds will veer northwesterly and reach mean speeds of 50-65km/h with gusts of 90 to 110 km/h."Met Éireann has issued a number of warnings for across the country ahead of Storm Hannah's arrival. A status red weather warning is currently in effect for Clare, with the forecaster warning of "violent gusts" for a time this evening. The alert, which came into effect at 8pm today, will end at 11pm today wind warning for Galway is also in effect for Galway and will remain in place until midnight tonight. A forecaster said: "Northwesterly winds, associated with Storm Hannah, will reach mean speeds of 65-80 km/h with gusts of 110 to 130 km/h this evening/early tonight, strongest along the coast."A status orange wind warning is also in place for Clare, Cork, Kerry and Limerick. It came into effect at 4pm today and will last until 1am on Saturday. Met Éireann has said northwesterly winds associated with Storm Hannah will reach average speeds of 65-80 km/h with gusts of 110 to 130 km/h this evening/early tonight. Another orange wind warning is in place for Tipperary and Waterford, which will see southwest winds veering northwest reach average speeds of 65 to 80km/h and gusts of 110 to 120km/h for a time tonight. It comes into effect at 10pm and will last until 2am on Saturday. A yellow wind warning is in place for Connacht, Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Wexford, Wicklow, Offaly, Donegal, Tipperary and Waterford. It comes into effect at 11pm and will last until 9am on Saturday. Met Éireann said: "Becoming very windy on Friday night and for a time on Saturday morning. Southerly winds will veer northwesterly and reach mean speeds of 50-65km/h with gusts of 90 to 110 km/h."

Woman wakes up from coma after 27 years following bus crash.

Woman wakes up from coma after 27 years following bus crash

Munira Abdulla fell into the coma when she was involved in a bus crash in the United Arab Emirates in 1991.

Ball pits are so filthy just one ball TEEMS with bacteria linked to meningitis.

Soft play is like God's gift to parents. Your little one can pinball around without hurting themselves, using up all that amazing energy they have all while you sit down for a moment. However, the ball pit area may be best avoided no matter how much your little one loves it. Studies have uncovered some grim and troubling truths about ball pits, with the risks being potentially life-threatening. The findings show that the dirtiest ball pit contained an average of 170,818 bacteria per ball, while another had 712,000 microorganism cells, The Sun reports. Sure, kids may be a little grubby themselves and you can't shroud them in bubble wrap. That said, researchers from the University of North Georgia revealed that of the 31 different types of bacteria found, there were types linked to bladder infections and infections of the heart lining. They found bugs including Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus hominids, Streptococcus oralis, and Acinetobacter Iwofii. These are bad news indeed, as they can also be the cause of sepsis meningitis, bloodstream infections, skin infections and pneumonia. In addition to these bacterial nasties, researchers discovered yeast that can cause fungal infections in people with compromised immune systems. The types of bacteria found are further bad news for babies, as they may cause blood and skin infections.No matter how robust your little one, all they'd need was a scab or scrape to leave them susceptible to infection. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Infection Control, looked at ball pits in physical therapy centres in the US.

Daniel Craig Says A Woman Should Be Considered For Next James Bond.

Daniel Craig Says A Woman Should Be Considered For Next James Bond
James Bond actor Daniel Craig has said that he'd be happy for a woman to replace him in the coveted role. Having confirmed he won't be returning for any future films after his fifth movie as 007 comes out. Speaking to The Mirror, the 46-year-old actor said he thinks it's time for the role to be broadened. He said: "I think that ­everybody should be ­considered. Also for women and for African-Americans, there should be great parts anyway, across the board."When appearing at the cast launch of Bond 25, he also commented that the womanising character will be portrayed differently. In the wake of movements such as #MeToo, it's not surprising that producers have decided to keep up with the times and get away from the traditional James Bond. Support for Craig's theory comes from former 'Bond girl' Madeliene Smith, who played Italian agent Miss Caruso in Live and Let Die. Speaking on This Morning to Phil and Holly, Smith said: "I cannot see any reason why ultimately, a woman, a lady, a girl, cannot play the James Bond character."Smith, who appeared alongside Roger Moore in the 1973 film, continued: "What would a woman bring to the role? Sensitivity. Sex. I don't necessarily advocate having a woman... but times have changed. Women play a far greater role now. They've emerged from the darkness and the dark ages."However, for anyone getting all offended by the prospect of a female 007, James Bond producer, Barbara Broccoli has stated she doesn't think it will happenSpeaking to The Guardian last year, she said: "Bond is male. He's a male character. He was written as a male and I think he'll probably stay as a male."And that's fine. We don't have to turn male characters into women. Let's just create more female characters and make the story fit those female characters."Piers Morgan is set to discuss it on tomorrow's Good Morning Britain, so I doubt it's the last we'll be hearing of this story. Bond 25 is confirmed to feature Oscar winner Rami Malek as the movie's villain and is set for release on 8 April 2020.


Baker With Down Syndrome Opens Her Own Bakery After Numerous Job Rejections.

(Collettey's Cookies | Facebook)

For years, Boston resident Collette Divitto found her happy place in her parents’ kitchen

Dog Yoga is the fitness trend this year.

Image result for dog yoga

Don't get us wrong, we like to keep fit and healthy, but the thoughts of spending precious hours in the gym when we could be in our beds are just something we can't fathom. However, this new fitness trend might change our minds. Say hello to Dog Yoga, or Doga, as some like to call it.

The reason why we bite our nails.

bite our nails
Okay, so I am a notorious nail biter. It is by far my worst habit, but I've never been able to shake it! Well, needless to say, I'm not alone.

Eyebrow dandruff is a thing.

PSA: Eyebrow dandruff is a thing and this is why you get it
We all know about hair dandruff and how to tackle it, but eyebrow dandruff?

19-Year-Old Girl Donates 65% of Her Liver to Her Dad, Proving Daughters Are Amazing.

(L) (Rakhi Dutta); (R) (Harsh Goenka)

We’ve all seen stories of parents doing just about everything in their power to help their children, and there’s often little that the children are able to give in return that can make up for the sacrifice and selflessness their parents have shown


A California teen didn't have a date for prom, so her grandfather stepped in.

kaylah 3
Prom should be one of the most exciting events in a teenager's school calendar, but thanks to the societal expectation to have a date for the evening, it can often prove to be stressful. But for one Californian teen, not having a date for prom resulted in not only a touching family moment but also online fame. Kaylah Bell, 17, was the only one in her friend group who hadn't found a date in time for prom, but that didn't stop her from going. To make sure Bell, from Lancaster, California, still felt special on the evening, her grandfather stepped in, donning an outfit as spectacular as his granddaughter's.
kaylah 4
It's customary for couples to wear coordinating or at least complementary outfits to prom, naturally having plenty of pictures taken in their finery before they go. Bell's grandfather, 67-year-old Alvin Hackett (whom she calls "Papa") didn't want his granddaughter to miss out on this, so he created a dapper outfit designed to pair beautifully. After sharing pictures of her with her date, Bell went viral on Twitter."My papa knew I didn't have a date to my prom so he matched me!" she wrote in a tweet which has now been retweeted nearly 12,000 times and garnered more than 105,000 likes. Not only had Hackett, a pastor, coordinated his blue pinstripe suit and pink tie to Bell's dress, but he had an extra surprise up his sleeve in the form of a corsage for the teen and a matching boutonniere for his lapel."I asked my papa to take pictures with me, however, the suit was a shock to me because I didn't know he would match with me the way he did," Bell said. Bell's outfit — a strapless blue and pink gown and satin cape, clipped together with a gem clasp — was custom-made for the occasion.
kaylah 2
"The inspiration behind my dress was from the dresses Queen Mary of the Scots wore from the show 'Reign,'" Bell said."I always wanted to look like a queen for my prom ever since I was little but Queen Mary's outfits definitely inspired me."Bell never imagined the images would get the reaction they did."I was kinda confused because when I normally post on Twitter I get like seven favourites and one retweet so I thought that it was spam or something till I saw my friend Kiara's text telling me I went viral," she said."What a way to show real love. A milestone that will never be forgotten" wrote one person."This is so wonderful and special. What a great papa. The young lady you look beautiful!" added another.
kaylah 5

Although Hackett wasn't able to attend the prom due to the event having an age limit of 21, the fact that he stepped in for the pictures and put so much effort in meant the world to Bell."I honestly feel blessed because of how loved he made me feel, and makes me feel every day," Bell said."My grandma put a lot into my Papa's suit I'm sure, so I just felt blessed and loved."

Jacqui Saburido, who became the face of an anti-drunk driving campaign, has died.

Jacqui Saburido, the woman whose disfigured face became a symbol of the dangers of drunk driving after she suffered horrific burns in a 1999 crash, has died, according to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. She died from cancer in Guatemala. She was 40. Saburido was 20 in 1999 and headed home from a birthday party with four friends in Austin, Texas, when their car was struck head-on by a drunk driver who drifted into their lane, according to the Texas Department of Transportation, which featured Saburido in its "Faces of Drunk Driving" campaign. Two other passengers in the car died instantly. Saburido, sitting in the front passenger seat, suffered third-degree burns over 60% of her body after the car caught fire. She required more than 100 surgeries to address burns to her face and hands. At the time of the crash Saburido, who grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, had been in the United States for less than a month and had no health insurance, according to the transportation department. Her medical bills topped $5 million. The driver of the other vehicle, 18-year-old Reggie Stephey, was convicted of two counts of intoxication manslaughter and sentenced to seven years in prison. He was released in 2008.
After the crash, Saburido became an advocate for the Texas Department of Transportation's anti-drunk-driving campaign, making numerous school appearances and using her startling appearance to drive home the dangers of driving under the influence. She also appeared on Oprah Winfrey's show twice."Even if it means sitting here in front of a camera with no ears, no nose, no eyebrows, no hair, I'll do this a thousand times if it will help someone make a wise decision," Saburido said during one of her many speaking engagements after the accident."This is part of my mission here on the Earth," she added in a video on the Faces of Drunk Driving site. "If this face and this body can help others, then why not?"
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This photo went viral when a woman 'smiled in the face of bigotry.

The picture went viral on Instagram, with more than 100,000 likes, and on Twitter, where it was liked more than 150,000 times.
Shaymaa Ismaa'eel was attending a conference of the Islamic Circle of North America in Washington DC on Sunday when she saw a group of protesters holding signs against the Muslim faith and the Prophet Muhammad. So she asked her friend to take a picture of her while she flashed a smile squatting in front of them."I really wanted to combat their hatred with kindness honestly," Ismaa'eel, 24, said via Instagram. "I wanted them to see my face and simply walking by wasn't enough."Ismaa'eel, who works as a therapist with children on the autism spectrum in the DC area, posted the photo on Instagram along with a quote from Prophet Muhammad reading: "Kindness is a mark of faith. Those who aren't kind have no faith."The picture went viral on the picture-sharing platform, with more than 100,000 likes, and on Twitter, where it was liked more than 150,000 times."On April 21st I smiled in the face of bigotry and walked away feeling the greatest form of accomplishment," she wrote on a tweet accompanying the picture. Ismaa'eel said she noticed the protesters for the first time on Saturday, the second day of the convention, adding that most people were very upset by their presence and didn't appear to know how to react. She said that some teens tried to approach the men, but most people just walked by without giving them attention. For her part, Ismaa'eel said she kept thinking about the protesters during the conference, which included sessions on different topics including the Quran, the life of Muhammad, lessons from the Christchurch shooting, and so on. The following day, after spotting them as she was leaving the main building, she asked her friend Jamilah to take a picture."My face honestly lit up when I saw them," she said. "I walked up as they continued yelling their hateful speech. I asked the police officer if I could stand at the curb in front of the men. The officer said 'no,' and at that moment, I felt like the biggest rebel.""I smiled so hard in the picture and the man started directing his speech toward me.
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Silly things like 'your face should be covered,' 'And you know it's a cult when you're walking outside wearing pyjamas.'"Ismaa'eel said it wasn't the first time she had taken a photo like this. "I posted a photo back in 2017 when I was in college. It was the same message basically. Smile in the face of bigotry," she added. But she's still surprised how much attention this picture has received. "I'm a low-key person. I'm still shaking that it reached more than 200 likes at most. It's refreshing to see so many people supporting."Her mother messaged her when the post was at 3,000 likes, urging: "Please be aware of your surroundings." "She's definitely nervous because it's clear people like that typically aren't the kindest. She's constantly reminding me to pray over myself," Ismaa'eel said. Her friends and family have experienced many instances of harassment or discrimination, she added. "Just this summer, my mom and her camp students were discriminated against at a public pool. So it definitely happens."Fortunately, the therapist said she had so far not received any threats following the post. "My sister in law and brother are patrolling my account for the most part. I had to take a step back cause some of the comments are interesting and I keep telling myself not to entertain anyone."

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